Thursday, June 26, 2014

Week #28

I have entered the 3rd Trimester!!! Whee~~~

My Baby Bump at Week 28

Hello Boobiesssss! Haha. Seriously this angle makes it look smaller than it actually is. And it's quite big already right. When I sit down and slouch it looks like a butt on my chest. I think it's 1kg on my chest....probably more. Haha. Better love and enjoy em preggie boobs while it lasts? Lol.

Week 28
Current Weight: 64kg
Started At: 51kg
Total Weight Gained: 13kg

No weight gain from the last week, GOOD JOB!! However, i dread stepping on the scale because i think i gained weight from all the chocolates this few days. This week i've been craving for A LOT of chocolates. I just cannot get enough of chocolates! What a terribly sinful week. I even have KFC's Double Down last night for dinner. Every time i attempt to eat bf or my friends would be like, aiya just eat la, you also fat already, end of the pregnancy then care. ZzZzZz. Very bad people. Hahaha.

A few days ago I had like reeeeally bad cramps. It was so bad I couldn't move!!! Kinda scary. I was walking to the car when I felt the pain...quickly sat down on a bench for like 10min and luckily the pain went away. Was damn worried ok!!! Am such a paranoid preggie woman. Was kinda scared it'll come back while I was driving, but thankfully it didn't. This incident made me scared to go out alone. :( At night when I was lying in bed, my belly felt SUUUUPER HARD then it went soft for awhile and then it hardened  again? I have read about This before (thankfully) and I knew I was experiencing Braxton Hicks! Nothing to worry about, just my body preparing for the big day!

Did a scan today and my baby is 1.1kg! Which weight gain minus baby's is...12kg. Hmm...slightly comforting? Haha. Oh and if I minus around 1kg from my boobs, that's 11kg. Not too bad eh.

Check out half his face!!! Look who's waving at you! I kinda don't really understand how the scan works though...what's that thing covering the other half of his face ah? Hahah.

Baby is growing normally and healthily! Can't ask for anything more. :) 

Going to Phuket this weekend w Dons!!! I am so excited! Been wanting to go for a holiday for pretty long. The bf is busy so my babymoon is with Dons haha. Super looking forward to it since the start of the month. Even did a beach theme manicure~