Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week #29 (Phuket Picx)

Baby Bump at Week 29

Just got back from a short getaway to Phuket, Thailand. Which was really boring for me because I'm preggers and there's really nothing much for me to do there. I won't really recommend going there though. I think if I want to go on a short beach holiday nearby id rather go to Bali.

Have nothing much to say about the place cus Don and I didn't do anything interesting. We spent most our time in bed. Lol.

 The room we stayed in at Beach Heights Resort (Kata). 

 The shower looks pretty cool though.

 The view at night was pretty!

 But in the day time it was quite meh haha.

 My fav thing about staying in hotels....BUFFET BREAKFAST!

There was a day we did nothing but walk around a mall aimlessly because the rain just won't stop. :( The rain is the biggest nightmare when you are on a "Beach Vacation". 

 Thank goodness we managed to go to KATA beach the last day before we left Phuket.

 The ride otw to the hotel was pretty interesting though! How often do you have to stop to let cows walk pass your car? Haha.

Probably the most boring overseas trip but still, at least I got some nice pictures to make my Instagram feed more interesting? Haha. 

So there are some people who asked if it's safe to travel since I'm already in the 3rd Trimester. I've asked my doctor and he said my pregnancy is all good with no complications so I can travel up to 35 weeks with no problem! :) I am kinda contemplating if I should plan one more baby moon next week! 

So I am now experiencing the terrible mood swings again. I have bawled my eyes out so much and rubbed them so hard all my lash extensions dropped off. I really don't have a reason why. I just feel so depressed. Over every little thing. Even thinking of what to eat stresses me out to a point I break down in tears. I know i shouldn't feel unhappy because it will affect baby boy. I hope this passes fast. I don't want to feel this way but I can't help it. Nothing seems to be able to cheer me up this few days. Well only my dogs? Yeah, that's bout it. :'( 

My face seems to be waaaay fatter this week! The double chin is scaring me! Never imagined i'd face that problem. 

Also, I keep having damn bad leg cramps every time i lie in bed. And sometimes in the afternoon, my calves and feet would turn red and swollen. My legs feel tired all the time. :( I try my very best to sleep with my legs elevated so when i wake up it won't be swollen but it is kinda uncomfy. I look forward to this week's pre-natal massage. Gonna ask her to spend a lot of time massaging my legs!

Oh and last night, under my breast near my rib cage area hurt sooooo bad! Hurts when i breathe. Read that my body is making more space for baby that's why. Ouchieee.

Week 29
Current Weight: 65kg
Started At: 51kg
Total Weight Gained: 14kg



And i may never have a body like that ever.... :( #worried

Everything expanded....I think i'm double the size i was. My boobs are doubled FO SURE. Haha.