Thursday, July 17, 2014

Week #31

Even an oversized pullover cannot hide the bump anymore!

Yummiest cake ever from The Patissier! This is the Passion Fruit Meringue. Tried it at a friend's bday previously and fell in love! 

My sleep patterns are so weird nowadays. I wake up every 2-3 hours because it is so uncomfortable. Also, I wake up with leg cramps every day without fail! Been trying to change the position I sleep in but the leg cramps just won't leave me alone!! My feet hasn't really swelled as big as a lot of people told me it would. Neither has my fingers. But I think it'll happen because sometimes it does turn very red and I feel a bit of throbbing. I hope my feet doesn't permanently expand though!!! I got too many chio heels from pre pregnancy which I cannot give up :( 

I have stopped buying new clothes for my pregnancy now because I only have 2 more months to go! I think all my stretchy shorts and oversized tops can last me till I get back my bod! 

Week 31
Current Weight: 66kg
Started At: 51kg
Total Weight Gained: 15kg

I have hit the ideal weight to gain during an pregnancy already and I still have approx 7-9 weeks left. I think by the end of this pregnancy I'll be 20kg heavier! Which means after losing the baby weight, excess water weight, placenta (?) and etc, I'll have 10kg to work very hard on. 

With so many different ways to lose weight, I am super motivated and more confident of losing the excess weight gained! I have so many options and have already received sponsorship requests on weight loss programs. Super lucky and thankful to everyone! 

Have also booked a Malay lady to do post natal massage and belly binding! Heard it's super effective in helping me get my waist back.

I cried over something someone said to me recently. I just don't understand why some people can be so insensitive and tell me things like "hey your face/arms/thighs are much bigger than before!". Uh... like DUH?!?! You don't expect me to shrink in size while carrying a life in me right? 

Anyhowsss! Had a meeting about something very interesting this week and i am so looking forward to start filming! Hopefully it will happen and go as planned and you guys will enjoy it when it's out. :) 

Could've done a more interesting week 31 update however I am keeping interesting contents for the big thing hehe.