Friday, August 1, 2014

Being Happy

My friend showed me a post on an app (where people get to post stuff about other people anonymously) about someone having issues with me calling myself a "single mom". 

I am certainly not trying to gain any sympathy from anyone by calling myself a single mom. Thing is, I'm rly happy with my life and don't need the "pity" you guys think I need. I only call myself that because it is a fact I am not married yet. Right now I love that I have my own space and so does he...we are happy like that and see no reason to rush into marriage until we are both ready. I have always enjoyed living alone and I am not ready to move in with someone because to me, it takes years to really see someone's true colors and know if he/she is the right one. Why tie yourself down to someone so quickly only to realise you guys can't get along and everyday you have to wake up in a depressing environment? I don't want to rush into it after seeing how many marriages fall apart when they rush things. 

Why is your definition of a Single Mom someone who is struggling to survive and depressed? Why can't there be Single Moms who are happy and blessed? I am truly blessed and thankful. For all my friends, my family and most importantly my bf. All the people who have showered me with so much love and support. :') 

Calling me names and insulting me...what do you get from that? Assuming things about what is happening in my life is useless and will not benefit you in any way. Mind your own business, get your life together and stop being bitter about someone's life. Stop trying to bring people down. I'm sure if you are someone who is contented and love your life, you won't bother to make up shit and talk shit about other ppl. Only unhappy and jealous people do that.

p.s removed the comments section because i'm damn lazy to argue with annoying kpo people. already very xinku being pregnant, not good for a pregnant woman to feel anymore frustrated and angry...or even sad.