Saturday, August 16, 2014

Maternity Photoshoot

Woohoo! Big thank you to Fiona @smittenpixels for doing this maternity photo shoot for me! :)

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Honestly, it was really not easy for me to show anyone my current body because of all the weight gained and stretch marks. I was very worried I wont look good in the pictures but I'm really happy it turned out nice! The good thing about a shoot like that? It is is a photo shoot where I need not suck in my tummy. Lol! 

I think every mum-to-be should do a maternity photoshoot to remember the moment! The pictures would remind you that you once carried a life in you for 9 months and what a strong and powerful woman you are during this period (pregnancy is not easy man!!!!).

For those who are looking for inspirations and photoshoot ideas, hope this was helpful! :) Check out my other Maternity Photoshoot with Multifolds too!(And if you don't know my baby's name yet....)