Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Last Week? (Hopefully)

Hello Week 39! Still no baby in my arms. Sadly.

The most asked questions now are...

"Where's your baby? Why still no baby? Can you feel if it is happening soon? Are there signs?"
I also want...haha. Can you imagine how the last 2 weeks have been? I'm due next week and have been experiencing stronger contractions now but it's all irregular. Had so many false alarms but nope, labor hasn't happened! I also read many labor stories, it usually happens when you least expect it to? Many times in the middle of the night. But after reading that it usually happens in the middle of the night, I keep going to sleep expecting it to happen which will then keep me up all night. And I end up not sleeping well. Zzz. 

Had a check up yesterday. All is good! And when I asked the doctor if he had any idea if it was gonna happen this week or not, his answer was "I wish I knew too! My job would be so much easier if it could be predicted.". 

So yeah...I have to just keep waiting...

I also dare not make plans to go anywhere now because I'm so scared it'll happen when I'm out. So I'm just really bored now. Which explains why I'm so quiet on social media (kinda?)...which led to a lot of people assuming I gave birth already. Haha. The wait is killing some of my friends too. Yeah I know many of you are as excited! :)