Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week #38

Baby bump at Week 38

So close...SOOO CLOSE. 

Not knowing when my baby will come is making my brain go crazy! I even had thoughts of getting myself induced but then my doc said no cus I'm totally healthy and baby will come when he is ready. I'm going cray cray though! Every night I've been talking to my belly and telling Baby E how excited I am and how I wish he'd come out already!

Baby seems to be moving lesser and lesser as the days pass. Always makes me super worried when I don't feel his movements! More and more contractions this week. I find it hard to "time" it though because it doesn't hurt at all and it can be so easy to ignore. But I guess when actual labour begins it'll confirm be painful and strong and I'll definitely have no problem recognizing it right? Or it's different with everyone? Wonder if it's possible for it to not hurt and not be aware?

Week 38
Current Weight: 68kg
Started At: 51kg 
Total Weight Gained: 17kg

Appetite is smaller but I gained weight because I guess I've been really inactive. Been lying in bed so much because Baby is so heavy it's painful to walk. A lot of people recommended me to walk more though? The more I walk the faster baby will come? Not sure how true that is but as much as I wish to be all active and exercise, my body just wants to be glued to my comfy bed. 

Had my Week 38 check up this morning and baby's head is now "engaged". 

You may be wondering what it means to be told your baby's head has engaged. As you journey through the third trimester of your pregnancy you may experience a feeling of being 'full up' and find it more difficult than usual to breathe deeply. This is thanks to baby now pushing up into the space where your lungs and stomach are! However, as your due date approaches you may feel these symptoms ease, or feel a heaviness in your pelvis - this is known as your baby's head engaging, and essentially it means that your baby is in the correct position for birth, so that their head has moved down to sit in the pelvis.

However that isn't an indication as to when labor will start :( my doc is super pro natural so he will not induce me unless he really has to. Eg. at week 42 Heard people getting induced at Week 38 onwards but my doc discourages that as he said baby will definitely come when he is ready...our bodies are made to do this!

Oh did I mention I walk like a penguin now?! I feel like baby is going to drop out anytime cus he feels so low. I have to open my legs wider when I walk and sit. classy. Haha.