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Will be starting to use a range of products from Biolane for Baby Elroy!

As you all know, Elroy has super sensitive skin. And not all products in the market can be used on newborns but these Biolane products, both the Normal range and the Dermo-Paediatrics range, are suitable.

Biolane products are specially formulated to protect and meet the needs of the baby’s skin. All the active ingredients are carefully selected for their non-aggressive nature so that they are suitable even for the most sensitive skin. They contain 2 core ingredients - What Protein and Wheat Oil. These 2 ingredients contribute to minimise moisture loss/dehydration, nourishes and protects their skin.

Guaranteed to be alcohol and paraben-free, they are formulated at physiological pH and maintain the skin’s natural balance. The products are also recommended by paediatricians and used in maternity wards for over 35 years, accompanying millions of new-borns and their parents for their first days!

Most of their products are formulated with hydra-bléïne that has a unique natural complex with wheat protein and oil that helps limit water loss and has a moisturizing action. That way, hydrolipidic balance is maintained.

Here is the list of Biolane products I have received and will be doing a review for after using it :)

Baby Care/Skin Care

Nourishing and Moisturizing Cream
Ideal for moisturizing dry and sensitive skin on the face and body
- High tolerance cream containing an innovative complex of nourishing and soothing active ingredients.
- Rich in amino acids, minerals and pro-vitamin B5, promotes skin regeneration.
- Concentration of active ingredients helps reduce redness and feelings of irritation.
-With hydra-bléïne®, a combination of lipids and wheat proteins limits water loss (dehydration) and oil-replenishes the epidermis.
- Result: The skin is moisturized and protected. Recovers softness, elasticity and comfort.
- Formulated without Paraben, which actually says that there are no chemicals in it.
- Creamy subtly scented texture spreads easily and is quickly absorbed.

Gentle Moisturizing Spray
Biolane Moisturizing Spray moisturizes and softens baby’s sensitive skin in the bat of an eyelid
Nourishes, softens and soothes the skin
Practical, the spray format makes it simple and fast to apply, for babies, mothers and indeed, the whole family.
- With hydra-bléïne®, a combination of lipids and wheat proteins limits water loss (dehydration) and oil-replenishes the epidermis.
- Moisturized and protected the skin regains long-lasting softness, suppleness and comfort.
- Tested under dermatological control, Biolane Moisturizing Spray is instantly absorbed due to its fluid, light and non-greasy texture. It leaves the skin subtly scented.

Liquid Talc
All the properties of classic talc without the inconvenience of a volatile powder
- Formulated to minimize the risk of an allergy
- New formula of emulsion that, on contact with the skin, transforms into talc. Its formula reproduces all the properties of classic talc while avoiding the problems of volatility of a powder.
- Has been specially designed to protect all of an infant's skin folds that are sensitive to redness and irritation (neck, legs, bottom, armpits, etc)
- Its plant-origin powder gently absorbs any excess dampness responsible for irritation. It strengthens the skin's natural protective film against harsh external factors (urine, stools, rubbing of clothes and nappies, etc).
- Prevents redness and irritation.
- Its formula with hydra-bléïne® helps to soften baby's skin.

Sweet Almond Oil Spray
Softens, nourishes and protects baby’s fragile skin
- Rich in essential fatty acids, Biolane Sweet Almond Oil softens, nourishes and protects baby's fragile skin.
- With 100% natural origin ingredients, preservative and fragrance-free, Biolane Sweet Almond Oil makes even the most delicate skin soft and supple.
- Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E
- Nourishes in-depth, softens and fortifies the epidermis.
- Formulated with Paraben
- 100% pure oil.
- Maximum hygiene.
- Super convenient: its spray format makes its easy to apply and provides maximum hygiene
Economical: its precise dosage avoids waste.


Essential Cleansing Emulsion
Ideal for gently washing the body and scalp of infants
- Brings you all the pleasure of cleansing with water without its drying effects.
- Guaranteed soap-free, it cleanses and purifies baby's skin while limiting the drying effects of hard water and maintains the skin's natural balance.
- Tested under dermatological control, its formula enables the bath water to maintain a pH close to a physiological pH.
- Its pearlescent texture does not run, only slightly lathers and does not sting the eyes.
- Limits water loss (dehydration) and oil-enriches the epidermis: nourished and protected, baby's skin maintains its hydro-lipidic balance.
- Used daily, it leaves your baby's skin clean, soft and subtly scented.
- Formulated without Paraben.

Gentle Shampoo
A gentle formula for baby's hair, that also suitable for the whole family
- Cleans and untangles baby's hair in a single operation.
- Its soap-free formulation preserves the skin's natural balance.
- Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision, it cleans gently, without stinging the eyes.
- Enriched in honey, with untangling properties, it makes combing easier.
- Limits water loss (dehydration), nourishes and protects hair.
- Its very light texture does not run and is easy to rinse out.
- Formulated without Paraben.
Appropriate for frequent washing of adults’ hair.
Result: its high-tolerance formula renders hair soft, shiny and easy to comb.

2 in 1 Body and Hair Cleanser
Delicately cleanses your children’s skin and hair in one simple step
-Formula containing honey makes hair styling easier
-Guaranteed soap-free, it cleanses without drying and maintains the skin’s natural balance.
-With hydra-bléïne®, a combination of lipids and wheat proteins limits water loss (dehydration) and oil-replenishes the epidermis.
-Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control, it does not sting the eyes.
-Its subtly scented transparent gel texture makes it really pleasant to use.


Pure H20
A rinse-free cleanser for baby’s face, body and diaper area
- This new form of galenic texture enables cleansing without rinsing, thus avoiding the drying action of washing with water.
Tested under dermatological control and formulated with a physiological pH, its very mild cleansing base maintains the skin's natural balance and can be used on any sensitive areas of the face and body.
Limits water loss (dehydration) and oil-replenishes the epidermis.
Cleanses and moisturizes* the skin in one simple step.
Used daily it leaves baby's skin soft, fresh and subtly scented.
Formulated without Paraben, therefore no chemicals in the product. 

Thick H2o Baby Wipes
Ideal for every occasion, convenient to use.
-Specially formulated for diaper-changing for sensitive skin they clean baby's face, body and diaper area perfectly without the need to rinse.
-Tested under dermatological control and with an alcohol-free formula, Biolane Thick H2O Baby Wipes clean all sensitive areas safely while maintaining the skin's natural balance.
-With hydra-bléïne®, the combination of lipids and wheat proteins limits water loss (dehydration) and oil-replenishes the epidermis.
-Rinse free cleansing

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I'll use it for a month and blog about which are my favorite Biolane products!
Hope it won't disappoint because I've heard positive feedback from mummies who have used it before. :)

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Biolane products can be purchase at selected Watsons, Robinsons and Kiddy Palace stores

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