Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Frozen Breastmilk

Another update on my BFing journey!

Bought a chest freezer ($300+ from Best Denki) specially to store my breast milk. Read that milk stored in a chest freezer can last up to 6 months! Whereas in a normal freezer only 2-3 months.

In just 5 weeks post-partum I have accumulated around 100 packets of milk (150-180ml each). Woohoo! Was worried how to go on storing milk since I have already flooded the freezer at my parent's and my place so the chest freezer was a Need! Hopefully when I'm done with it there'll be people who would wanna buy the freezer from me. Was looking high and low for a second hand one but don't know where to find. Or maybe.....keep it for a long time and store pints of ice cream!!! I'll never run out of ice cream at home lol! Or maybe....keep it till I have another baby!! Haha. After Elroy, I'm even more in love with babies! I have always loved babies but now my love for babies are even more mad. It's like I can totally understand why people find it hard to stop at 1. When I was pregnant I was all "I can't do this all over again man. No more!!!!" Well I take back what I said. I would definitely love to go through pregnancy again cus seeing and holding your baby is the best feeling ever!

It has been pretty discouraging seeing Elroy's acne & rashes get worse because of my breast milk though? But the pediatrician said "please don't stop, Breast is Best". Many have asked how long I want to breastfeed for...well, honestly I really don't know how long I intend to breast feed! The recommended period is 9 months. I'll try to pump and store as much as I can and hopefully reach 9 months successfully! Maybe I can stop at 5 months? Maybe I would have enough to feed him till we reach the 9 month mark.

Today I went out for quite long and brought my pump along. It wasn't easy finding a comfortable place to pump though! I actually sat in a toilet to pump for 20min. Felt that the milk was "dirty" and actually pumped and dump. Damn heart pain to throw leh even though my milk supply is abundant. But I really couldn't feed the milk pumped when I was sitting on a toilet to my baby. :/ then I thought to myself, walao if everytime I am in a mall I have to pump and dump, damn wasted! I think next time I just pump in the car or something. Or else I try not to go out for more than 4 hours.

Also received requests for my BM. Something I never knew people would actually do until I started my BFing journey. I remember asking a nurse if it was ok for other babies to drink milk from other mummies and the nurse said "if it's ok to drink milk from a cow, there's absolutely ok to drink milk from another human". I have decided to donate 30 packets I left at my parents' to someone who really needed it. Not a lot but I hope it makes a difference for her :) Don't think I'll be donating anymore at the time being as I have a goal to meet and need to store for Elroy. Once I have hit that "goal" and have excess I'll be more than happy to share. :) Sorry if I didn't reply your email! You can find breast milk on Human Milk 4 Human Babies FB page if you really need it okie? And if you have excess too, do feel free to post there!

Oh and my boobs! My gosh they look so bad under clothes for the past month! I'm around a 34F at the moment and oh boy, they are HEAVY! I'm always hunching. Super ugly one la haha. They are so huge and I can't be bothered to buy a proper nursing bra so I have been wearing tube and sports bras but I had enough of saggy boobs so I googled for a solution. Found bras on this local web

Bought the Bravado Underwire Nursing bra after reading tons of good reviews and praying it will fit! And also lift the boobies so I can look good in clothes since I'm going out more often now! Saggy boobs are so so so ugly :( miss my pre preggy boobs and it is sad to never get them back EVER....unless I get a boob job.