Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy 23rd Birthday

My first birthday spent with my newborn son! Had a nice dinner with the family he night before and thought that was it. I was all "aiya just another normal day! Mother already la, don't need to plan anything liao". Didn't expect my birthday to actually be a busy day? Was pleasantly surprised when DX and Donna kicked start my interesting day when they came into my room with a balloon this afternoon! And my day just went uphill from there. Actually intended to sleep in all day after my nails were done by Jaezy.  Surprises when you least expect it to happen are the best!

A busy day for Elroy too because everyone who came by had to play with him. He didn't want to take his afternoon nap and lasted till evening time! He did get super duper cranky and kept crying at the later part of the day though. 

I am so thankful for the awesome dinner spread by my mother and my nanny too! Stuffed my face silly with sweet treats all day. Sinful but oh so good! Been awhile since I ate so unhealthily. Lol. Just burped and I can still taste the durian cake :X

How happy I am to spend this day with all the important people in my life. How thankful I am that they remember my birthday and set time aside to visit me cus they knew I was still doing my confinement and stuck at home. I really cannot ask for better friends and I promise to always love and treasure each and everyone of you. I am truly blessed. To my wonderful family, lover & friends, Thank You so much for loving me and making me a very happy girl!