Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Post-Partum (Week 2)

Went to change my dressing and when they removed it I got to look at my wound and it actually healed up nicely and it does not look as bad as I thought it would! It is almost not noticeable? I thought it'll be like caterpillar looking. Think too much. Haha. Can wear bikini la! But after I settle my stretchmarks and loose skin problem first. Have some treatments planned out to help me resolve those issues thanks to a few wonderful companies! Looking forward to that. :)

I also stepped on the weighing machine after 2 weeks of not doing so. I am now...60kg! Still 9-10kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Baby weighed around 3.4kg when he was born and I must've lost quite a bit of water after. Haven't been active and have been eating A LOT because I'm always hungry after pumping milk. I can eat every single hour! Crazy hungry monster! I secretly hope I'll be 55kg by the end of next week...and wishing it will be super effortless thanks to breastmilk pumping hehe. Then I think I'll look "normal" by then? And might fit into some of my old bottoms! My hips are a lot wider though so maybe I'll only be able to fit in skirts. Wondering if my hips will go back to normal size or stay this wide?? Have lotsa curious people asking how my body looks like now....Well, it is so horrible i don't even wanna show pictures of it but i will once i start on my treatments + exercise so my body looks ok and i can do a Before and After.

Baby has been easy to look after this week. He sleeps soundly at night without waking up. Have to wake him up to feed him. Hehe. Yay to no crying at night! In the afternoon he wants quite a lot of attention though but it's ok! Everyone at home is more than happy to shower him with it hehe.

My oh my, no one warned me how tiring BFing is. I'm actually exclusively pumping now because my milk flow is too much when baby latches on he would choke. I have to do it every 2-3 hours. When I try to go 4 hours, I'd be engorged and I tell u man, IT HURTS SO BAD.Tried putting cabbage but it doesn't seem to be reducing my supply. Starting to drink Sage tea now hoping it'll work otherwise i don't know what to do already. What's even worse than breast engorgement? THE MASSAGE TO RELIEF IT. Oh my g...the massage was SOOOOO PAINFUL. Possibly as painful as going into labour - since some ppl said so (I wouldn't know cus I did a csect). I can't imagine how it'll be like to stop pumping. Read and heard so many horror stories about the pain people experience when they want to stop. My nanny and breast massage lady said it'll be super duper hard for me cus of my excess milk supply and I'll probably suffer a week. I DREAD!!! :( no milk people complain, but when you have too much milk you will also complain!!