Friday, October 10, 2014

Post-Partum (Week 3)


Baby turns 3 weeks old today. One more week to his full month party and to the end of my confinement! Because my nanny is experienced and so awesome, I actually follow most of the confinement rules cus I don't dare defy her. Haha.

My nanny will stay an extra month though cus I really need her help until the new helper arrives in mid Nov. So so so thankful and grateful for her that i even book massages for her weekly. Hehe. Happy employer happy employee! I'm praying the new help will be as good.

I feel so good this week like I've fully recovered?! Hehe. But my doctor said I can't go back to intense running and training till after 6 months? That's so long!!! Cus even though my wound looks healed and ok on the outside, there are many layers under which are still healing. :( this is one reason why a vaginal delivery is better than a c-section...cus u can get back to exercise waaaay faster. I miss running sooooo much :( I feel so flabby all over and am dying to work out at the gym leh.

BabyE started to hold the bottle on his own last week, so cute. Hehe. No my baby is not on formula, yes, I'm an exclusive breast pumping mummy. :)

I've also been pretty worried about getting back to work in mid November though. How do breastfeeding mummies do it?! Do yall have to still wake up every 3 hours to express milk? If so, how do you find the energy to survive a full day at work? And during work you have to express milk too or you'll be engorged right? How do people manage??? I will also have to travel overseas soon and wondering how soon I can bring baby along with me...well if he can go for trips with me then it'll be so much easier for me to continue breastfeeding.

I am also glad to share that my milk supply is more or less stable now. I had an oversupply since Day 3 and it is a rare case I don't expect anyone to understand. Some found it hard to believe and I don't blame them because after all, even doctors and nurses and my nanny with 20 years of experience found it weird too. Anyway, I tried the cabbage method and it didn't work for me even though it worked for many. So I tried drinking a cup of sage tea 3 times a day to help with the oversupply and I now have lesser milk but still more than enough for Baby E! Happy! I don't get HUGE clogged ducts and face engorgement everyday now. U know I once had lumps which got as big as an EGG!! MILK EGG! Not quail egg size ok...quail egg size is normal! Mine is just slightly smaller/as big as the chicken egg! And it went all the way to my armpits I couldn't put my arm down. Super duper scary right?! The masseur was shocked it only took a day to become that big. She was the one who gave me the worse 15 min of my life trying to soften the big "egg". THE PAIN CAN FIGHT MY LASER TATTOO PAIN. Maybe even more painful?! I am breaking out in sweat just picturing that moment. I also have one last boobs went from 32C to 34F. Will it ever go back to normal Size? I can't imagine living with such huge jugs. And confirm damn saggy one. I dread looking at em! Mine is siao!!! I think im carrying 3-4kg on my chest. My back hurts all the time and I hunch like mad it's so ugly haha. I had to show em to my girlfriends who probably got the shock of their lives cus the boobs just look off on my frame? I'm not exactly small build but the boobs look insane! 


Lotsa stuff to settle for Baby E's first party! He will be having 2 parties - a casual and a formal one. Haha. My prince Elroy! :)

 Mummamia sent me Confinement stuff which i have blogged about (here) - go check it out.

I found the following products super useful and i highly recommend. You can get the 20 or 30 day confinement package here or you can buy the products individually.

Packed in sachet form, mummies only need to soak it in hot water for 5 mins before use. It consists not only the common DAFENGAI, but also other herbs like lemongrass and BUJINZHI that helps with blood circulation, calming effects and expelling wind that soothe mummies’ discomfort during confinement. Mummy can use this to bath daily.
I have been bathing with this every 3 days! I do feel great after bathing :)

It is really as simple as pouring herbs in to hot water and boiling it for 1.5 hrs (optional: add 250 gr of meat) and it’s ready!
Although my nanny is cooking "better" herbs and stuff for me because i received a lot of expensive stuff and have to use it, we tried the prepacked ones one day and it was great! She also looked through the ingredients and said it's good.

Packed for daily consumptions, just boil the red dates for 45 mins – 1 hr with 2 litre of water.
Our red dates and other herbs combination are packed not only to enrich blood and Qi, but also tonifies spleen.
For people who do not have a nanny and dont know how to prepare this, this pack would be so easy! Add fresh red dates so it's sweeter because the prepacked red dates are not as sweet.
 Also, if you do not have a confinement nanny and no one can cook for you, i suggest you order confinement meals from them! Eating well during confinement is a MUST!!!! It will benefit you long term. 
More details on Confinement meals...

Get your confinement stuff from (direct link to post natal products click here!) or head over to...

1. Mount Alvernia Hospital Retail Pharmacy
2. Thomson Medical Centre (Parentcraft Shop)
3. Blk 2 Rochor Road #01-586 Rochor Centre
4. Mom Essentials KK Hospital Retail Mall #01-22
5. Mom Essentials Square 2 #02-74