Sunday, November 16, 2014



Being the cam-whore that I am, I admit that I’m a sucker for mascara that gives a good length with volume. I’m sure all of you will agree that beautiful eyes play a huge part to a good picture. For many years, I’ve tried a million mascaras and don’t even mind suffering for 2 hours for eyelash extensions, or gluing on falsies which totally ruins my eyelashes just to achieve that wide-eye look.

Recently, a few of my friends were raving about a new Mascara in town by Faux Fayc Cosmetics and boy was I glad I gave it a try….

It’s only been a week and I’m totally HOOKED and in LOVE with it!!!

This is the best mascara product I’ve ever used and is definitely No. 1 on my list. I can now say GOODBYE TO MY FALSIES!

The instant length extension and volume is by far the best I’ve ever achieve with a regular mascara:

I only put one coat of FAUXFAYC and it's enough already. They say u can do 3 coats but I don't like it too dramatic, this is the PERFECT length for me.

This new smudge-proof Fauxlash Natural Fibres Duo Set has two tubes; a transplanting gel and another natural fibres tube from green tea extracts (really safe!). It provides me with a drama-like effect with 300% increase in length and thickness while keeping my lashes looking real.

It’s really lightweight, smudge-free and water resistant which thus keeps my lashes curled and clump-free for the whole day.

It is really easy to apply and the best thing about it? It removes easily with lukewarm water! Don’t you all hate it when your eyeslashes fall off with hard to remove mascara?

I did a test by going to the gym with the mascara on and amazingly, it did not smudge or droop a single bit! By the end of the day, I can still have long, beautiful, curled and smudge-free lashes. Nuff said.

I believe that good things must be shared and if you want to achieve a wide eye effect without falsies or extensions, pop by to grab a set and enter promo code: TAMMYGOESFAUXFAYC for a $2 off!

Checkout their Instagram - @fauxfayc & hastag #fauxfayc and FB Page – for more stunning pictures of beautiful girls who have tried the product!

Once you go Faux Fayc, you will never go back.

Use Code "TAMMYGOESFAUXFAYC" for a $2 off!