Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in a Post

This year has to be one of the biggest year for me, ever. I have always had a roller coaster kinda life but the things which have happened to me this year were things so huge i can't believe it's true.

This year i didn't accomplish much with Shop OSF because of the pregnancy. Sadly. I couldn't do a lot of things i planned to do for the brand this year and that's probably the only thing which i wish i did. Pregnant women can work but not do the work i do because it is too tiring and everyone around me didnt think it was a good idea to continue working so hard. Also all the traveling and lugging of heavy stuff would be dangerous for me and the baby. There was a small team which took over for a few months but they didn't turn it into what i thought they would have but thankfully, in 2015, everything will change. I can't believe i really actually passed it to a company to run and it was a huge step to let someone else run the business but i know i can never do as well as before as i don't have as much time as before. I hope they'd do a good job and i am really looking forward to what they have in mind for Shop OSF in 2015. I look forward to wearing OSF again!!! Many have asked "not sad meh?", of course it is sad but it is going to be even more sad if i just leave it there hanging and going downhill. I am thankful for the big team who will be changing everything and growing it again. With more people in a team, there's so much which can be done efficiently. Under my management, i'm too lenient and "suay bian"....quite difficult to get things to go up. I wish i had the time and energy to continue doing it but all that traveling, photo shoots, logistics, marketing's too much for a new mummy. I am someone who wants to do everything on my own and it's difficult to just let someone do bits of it and i do the rest. So i'll just hand it over. Say goodbye to the life of an online store owner and hello to my new life.

And no, in 2015, i'm not just going to bum around. I had to also give up Shop OSF to take on a new challenge. To go into an industry i'm totally unfamiliar with. It has always been something i had an interest in but never pursued due to my commitment to my online store. With that now being handed over to a great team, i can start learning and helping my mother grow the family business. 

And besides that challenge, i also have another which is to be the best mother i can be for my boy.

The whole year i didn't really blog much as i was pregnant. Which meant my blog was pretty stale and had not much content the entire year. I realized i have so much lesser blog posts this year as compared to last year. The contents in my blog have also changed entirely now as a new mummy.

Baby Elroy has really changed my life so much. Never have i ever imagined myself as a mother so soon. The love a mother feels is so strong and powerful, it's scary. I have never been happier with my decision and choice though. He is an absolute blessing. My life has changed for the better. My partner and i have never been happier in our lives. I promised to keep his identity a secret from the social media because not everyone likes to be "known". It is annoying when people ask and ask and ask though but that still that won't change the decision i made because it's a promise. In the past relationships, i never really asked for their permission because i assumed everyone didnt mind the attention but when i saw how uncomfortable my ex felt when people talked about him at work, it made me wake up. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone wants to be "popular". Ok anyway back to my current partner, when i look at how he has changed since the birth of E, i am so glad it's for the better. He has taken up so much responsibilities, looking after his own family and of me and Baby. Definteily someone i will respect always. We may have our differences and may not be the most perfect couple but know we are both trying our best to be great parents. As long as love is present and none of us stop trying to make the relationship work, i believe great things await us. I look forward to an exciting road ahead. May things continue to go smoothly for us. I love my little family. :)

I am also thankful for all my friends and family for being so supportive throughout. From the day i broke the news till today, thank you for not letting me walk alone. I will always hold all of you so close in my heart and treasure each and every one of you. I will be there to lend a helping hand and be the shoulder you cry on whenever you need.

And to the new readers and old readers reading, THANK YOU. I am lucky to be able to blog and have a good amount of people following my space. I actually thought of giving up blogging entirely because my partner doesnt really like the attention i was getting from social media. I couldn't blog about a lot of stuff i wanted to and also couldn't share some parts of my life. Also had to keep my whereabouts hush hush cus he didn't like that i told everyone where i was and what i was doing. Lol. But maybe it's a good thing i still continued (although only sharing just a little) because i really enjoy it. From my own shameless selfies, cute pictures of my doggies and son, yummy food, awesome beauty secrets, expensive things i splurge on, pretty clothes on me...i really enjoy it haha. Some call me a show off and hate me for it but I've been doing this for soooo many years and i cannot stop without feeling empty and weird. Guess i like to be show off lor? Haha. I may not have the most interesting blog nor do i have the best content but still, i have you people coming to this space from time to time. If i feel too irrelevant in this industry and nobody cares about me, i think it'll be much easier to give up being a blogger guys. :) Thank you for the opportunities you have given me because of being a blogger. I am super happy to be able to work with so many big clients. I look forward to sharing more wonderful stuff with you all on this space in 2015. Also, really REALLY hoping to take nicer photos and always have pretty pictures to share. I guess one of my New Year Resolution would be to stop taking crappy pictures and take photography more seriously lor haha.