Wednesday, January 7, 2015


What is Pixaroll?

PixaRoll is a company that prints your phone or Instagram photos into 4R/6R prints, magnets, stickers, wallposters and rubber stamps called ChopBlocks which then gets delivered straight to your doorstep. This process can easily be done through our mobile app that's available on any phone with Apple and Google Play stores.

Our Iphone App has been ranked the #1 photo app on the IOS (*according to AppAnnie) thanks to many users who have started to appreciate the very much convenient service we provide of “having a printing kiosk in your palms”.

Furthermore, we have recently roll out a new look for our app and improved on the user interface. A few more products have been added and there will be more to come. Not forgetting that users can check on their order status at the order page inside the app as well, change currencies and easily make payment through paypal by taking a snapshot of their credit card.

Users can download our app by clicking on this link


I've been using Pixaroll to print out pictures for a few years already as it is so convenient and easy. Even before I was paid to write for em. The thing I realised about a lot of people is that NO ONE EVER PRINTS PICTURES ANYMORE?! Most people just store it in a hard disk or their comps. Well I used to be like that until my laptop crashed and a lot of pictures were GONE FOREVER. So now I try my best to print pictures as often as possible and keep it in an album. It's much more fun going through a physical album no? And I can also change the pictures in my photo frames around the house whenever I feel like hehe.

All you need to do is download the Pixaroll app, and select the images you'd like to print from your phone. Submit the images, make payment and wait for the pictures to be delivered to your letterbox. 

It's also not expensive at all! Definitely way better and convenient than traveling to the photo printing shop to get pictures printed. They even have magnets! Which I've tried printing before and have it all over my refrigerator hehe. But not taking picx of it as it's of my bf and I and ya, he's a mystery man haha.

This time, Pixaroll approached me to do an ad for their Wall Poster! Which I LOOOOOVE. This will go up on Elroy's room. Hehe. Loved that they framed it too.

Someone's birthday is coming? Why don't you surprise him/her with a wall poster with his/her best moments captured in pictures? Would be a great decorative piece! That is, if you spend some time editing the pictures and using a nice filter lor haha. I would love to receive such a gift! Very thoughtful and sure would cheer me up whenever I look at it. :)

Use "tammy20" for 20% off!!!
(valid till end Jan)

Hurry print picx, magnets, posters while this promo is valid! I'm looking forward to my upcoming trip and hopefully I can be on time to use my discount code to print those pretty pictures taken when I'm back haha. #savemoney