Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2 Houses

The partner and I still live separately so I have to bring baby E over sometimes but everytime he goes over he cries like CRAZY. It's like at home, he doesn't even cry that loudly. It's so loud and very difficult to calm him down. At home, I just carry him upright and pat his back to calm him down. He would stop in like seconds. But when we are there he just won't stop. I know it's normal for a baby to cry but it really breaks my heart and now I dread bringing him there because of the way he cries. But it's something I cant escape either because it's the partner's family and they want to spend time with him too. Sigh. Hate being in such a position. If I refuse to bring him over, they'd see me as selfish. But if I bring him over, he never ever sleeps well and cries all the time. Will babies be able to adjust to 2 homes?