Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baby Daddy

From the day Elroy was born, he got daddy's face already. I was a little bit sad cus like I gave birth to him one and nobody thinks he looks like me. Then some people told me "oh his face will change over time! Maybe next time look like you!" But time went by...HE STARTED TO LOOK EVEN MORE LIKE DADDY?!

Now the resemblance is CRAZY leh. I finally accepted that he doesn't look anything like me and will never :(. Eh really quite sad sometimes cus it's like I look at him and I'm like WHICH PART IS ME LEHHHH?!?! Then people will try to make me feel better and be like hmm, maybe skin, hair or like height. UHMZ. OKAYZ. Everytime I send my friends Elroy's pictures they would be like "Eh hello mini XXX (bf name)!!" Even my mother is like "OMG when I carry him I feel weird sometimes cus looks like I'm carrying a mini XXX (bf name)". Nooooot fair. Haha.

But it's so crazily cute when they are together! Looking at daddy kiss baby is like daddy kissing a mirror...which minimized his face hahaha #cutemoments Got really curious one day so I asked my bf mom to show me my bf baby picx and OMG...really DAMN ALIKE?!?! Like a replica except Elroy has SLIGHTLY bigger eyes (which is still considered small so can you imagine his) Lol. But ok la small eyes look like Korean boys right? Everytime I bring Elroy out people assume we are a korean family so ok mah...since I love everything Korean haha. 

But this is making me REALLY wish I would be blessed with a daughter in future and that she will look more like me cus I feel like damn unfair if my children all look like daddy! #childishthought hahaha Do other mummies have the same thoughts as me or am I just freaking lame ah? Haha.