Sunday, February 1, 2015

Joie By Dozo

I used to go to DOZO (at Valley Point) quite frequently as i like the food there a lot and feel that it's super worth it. 

When i found out Valley Point was undergoing a revamp i was so sad because it means Dozo is GONEEEE. Been waiting for them to reopen somewhere else for such a long time! Then, my friend told me they reopened under a different name now so i decided to give it a try.

When i entered the restaurant, i was really shocked that there were soooo many available seats on a Saturday night, unlike the DOZO i used to go to at Valley Point. Well maybe because they're still new and not many people know about it since it's located on the 12 floor.

The staff were really nice and friendly and i was really looking forward to a good dinner! It was so empty so they gave us a private room. The whole restaurant looks really nice. Very romantic setting, would make a great restaurant to bring your date to (but then, please read on).

Walked in and the room was really nicely designed!

Was served this cold ice blended sour plum drink which was very good! 

Expected a very promising dinner but...

The Gratinated Champignon (mushroom) was pretty ok. I kinda liked this cus it reminded me of DOZO's escargot. BUTTTT still cannot fight la, the DOZO escargot is MUCH yummier.

The truffle mushroom soup tastes as good as the previous DOZO so i was pleased with this.


This is the white asparagus dish. WHICH WAS SOOOO BAD. Spot the 2 tiny white asparagus. I hated that cranberry puree thing at the side. Was so sweet and made me cringe when i put in my my mouth.


The one on the left is a fried mozzarella cheese ball, the one in the middle is a mushroom puff and the one on the right i can't rmb but not nice one.

I WAS SO SHOCKED LEH. This shouldn't even be on the menu under Main Course i feel.

Truffle Risotto - this was Lionel and Chevonne's main course which looks more like a main course compared to mine. Tasted so-so, pretty acceptable.

Dessert Table
Was pretty cool we managed to choose what we wanted BUTTTTT....the macarons were WAY TOO SWEET and also very hard. Not like how macarons should be - crispy on the outside, soft in the inside.

PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD DOZO! :( Somebody, anybody, HEAR MY CRIES! (hahaha drama much) Even the rating on HungryGoWhere is so good! I'm sure a lot of people would visit.

My experience at JOIE was not good and i will not go back there until the menu changes. Maybe Meatless French/Japanese restaurant ain't my thing. I was surprised their reviews on HGW is still pretty okay though. Good thing is that the service was REALLY good so yeah.

Well at least Bibi cheered me up at the end of the night. :)