Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Planning for the Future

What's been said, has been said. Now that my views on it has been read I guess I don't have to leave it here already. Yes I know to some im stupid to not go #teamxiaxue till today...but I do know stuff most of you don't (and probably never will sigh). So don't ask me why. 

Not all fights have to happen online for all to see and many things are better left unsaid to protect others.

I've been pretty busy with plans to start work in a brand new industry and of course, spend as much time with baby Elroy before i jet off to Perth, followed by a secret destination (to be confirmed) after. I look forward to a new environment! After Elroy, and being with my current partner, my life priorities have changed so much. It's really true that once you are a parent, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE. I don't think i would ever think of changing my industry if not for the birth or Elroy! Thank you E for making me a better person. The few i hate also must thank E because i don't want to hate you so much anymore. Haha As much as i try to be myself, there are some things i will never ever do online anymore. 

I will not exactly quit-quit but maybe only then will i be able to afford to do more unpaid reviews, of products i bought using my own money and i can also say how much i dislike some products without being afraid of not being able to get clients "related" to the brand. And i don't have to feel pressured when numbers drop or aren't going up, woohoo! I wish i could blog without squeezing in ads all the time just so i have enough to pay the bills. No, not all ads posted are LIES. I am kinda selective of my ads...especially now. It upsets me when people now see us bloggers under a different light and label us as "liars". Sigh. :( Being a blogger for so long, you also dont know how many times i got advertorials from brands i LOVE man. So yes, many times, our reviews may be paid but it's genuine too. Also the opportunity to be paid to try new brands which i end up loving in the end is awesome~ Ok fine, not EVERY blogger has been honest especially those who just started out (yeah you've read some shit) who don't know how ugly things will get if they are dishonest. Now with all the drama guess all Influencers will now be more wary about what they write and no one will would take up an ad they don't believe in and lie or else will get exposed someday and it will surely not be easy to deal with. Oh man, just think about the influx of hate comments you will find all over your social media platforms. All that will just be so mentally and physically draining. SO YA, hey....well that may mean ads from now will  more or less be more honest hor? Haha. Anyway, please don't lose faith in all Influencers just like that. I believe somehow we have entertained you, taught you something and introduced a great products somehow. We are also here to share great deals and promotions you won't hear about without us. Am sure you have once bought something which worked from you after hearing it online right right? So come on, chill out with the whole thinking we are a bunch of stupid dramamamas who earn money the easy way. It is quite an easy job compared to many jobs out there i must say, but many of us did work hard to get noticed. That is "working hard" to get there too. It doesnt happen in a day. :) Not all reviews are crap leh. And....not all GC bloggers are liars. At least work wise i THINK i've been preeetty ok.....................