Saturday, March 28, 2015

Things to Do in Perth

It was a good experience in Perth and I can't be more thankful I chose Perth as my destination. Quite a lot of Singaporeans studied here too and they told me how bored they were in Perth haha. After experiencing it myself, it was not as bad if you are here for a short while!

So in this post I'm going to share about my Perth trip and hope you'd enjoy it more if you visit. :) here's a 4 day Perth itinerary! 

First, to get around perth easily, you need a car and a GPS (you can just use your phone's Google Maps). You can rent a car by comparing prices online and booking first before you go there. When you are there you can collect your car from the airport counter. I think I paid $500 for 5 days? Everyone said I got it for way too expensive. Could be because of insurance as I'm under 25? Anyway, the thought of driving in a foreign land scared me at first but when i drove around Perth for the first time, it was a breeze! If you can drive in Singapore, you can definitely drive in Perth. I am considered a bad driver (according to my friends) because i'm always scared to cut lanes and i drive rather slowly so if someone like me can say driving in Perth is easy, i'm sure it's REALLY easy lah. Haha.

Getting the SIM card from the perth airport is pretty easy and not expensive. Around AU$10 for 5 days of internet. Must have internet as it'll really help you get to places! Like finding the nearest Woolworth/Coles (supermarket) or eateries.

Most places close at 5pm in Perth so be sure to wake up early if you can. Asian food however opens till later time. Donna and I aren't morning people so we only manage to wake up at 11am everyday so our days are pretty short. 

Day 1

We stayed at Cottesloe Beach on Day 1 at a airbnb apartment she chose.
It was a nice little garden home located at Curtis Ave. $120/night link of airbnb apartment here it was an okay place but a lot of ants! So try not to leave food around the room as it is in a garden. I told her to find something low as I agreed to pay for all the expenses for the both of us. I think for this trip I spent $3k on lodging, car rental and our food. We didn't do anything fancy nor shopped so for a 5 day trip it's quite ex. That's excluding air fare too! Food in Perth is not cheap at all...have to spend at least $60/person for 2 simple meals a day. So if I include our supermarket shopping for breakfast, beverages and snacks that's prolly $80/person a day.

Cottesloe Beach

Spent Day 2 morning at the quieter part of Cottesloe Beach again...

Ate at Bluewaters at Cottesloe Beach...

We visited a friend's school at UWC and oh how it made me wanna study again! I haven't been to school since forever so the school tour was eye opening for me. The school is huge and looks like so much fun. I also wanna study abroad! Well studying in perth isn't cheap at all! You must be pretty well off to afford it man.

After the beach we went to the famous Blue Boat House (Crawley Boatshed) , Swan River which was around the area to take some pictures. It's the most popular place in Perth for photography so we had to go there to take some OOTDs.

And the sun went down so we had no choice but to head back as our garden home was very secluded and it's pretty dark and scary at night.

Day 2 

We went to Subiaco Station Street Market
(Address: 41 Station StreetSubiacoWestern Australia6008Australia)

 There we had lunch. I had Pho and Donna had Ramen which I thought was pretty good! We also bought lotsa fruits there back home as it was so fresh! Nothing much to buy in the market but I would recommend you to check it out cus the food is good!


We made our way to Fremantle as it was a weekend. The Fremantle market is only open on Fri, Sat and Sunday. 

After walking around Fremantle we went for Fish n Chips at Kaili's
(46 Mews Rd, Fremantle, Australia)

When you're there you can choose between Kaili's and Cicerello's. I thought Kaili's was soso only so maybe Cicerello's is better! I was happier eating overpriced fresh oysters from Kaili's than the normal overrated fish n chips. 

Oysters here are soooo good btw! You can save a lot of money if you buy em from supermarkets or fish markets rather than have it at restaurants which cost like 3x more.

Day 3

Found a room on airbnb and moved to a place at City Beach (click link to check out our room around $120/night). Love this area more! A lot of beautiful houses and the beach behind our place is so quiet there's hardly anyone! Like our own little private beach. 

Lunch at the popular Nao Ramen 
117 Murray StreetPerthWestern Australia 6000Australia

Took a walk in Perth CBD.

It's pretty small area but do check out the graffiti walls at Wolf Lane!

At night you can have dinner at Chinatown. Got my bubble tea fix there and had a meal at Papparich (better than SG's according to my friend)! 

San Churros is there too.
132 James Street, NorthbridgePerthWestern Australia6003Australia

Oh and my friend said Superstar Waffles nearby serves one of the best waffles :)
8/189 William St NorthbridgePerthWestern Australia6003Australia

Sunset watching with Donna

Day 4 

Visited some friends at the Caversham Wild Life Park
Whiteman Park Via Marshall Rd | Swan Valley RegionWhitemanSwanWestern Australia 6068Australia

Saw a Quokka! Unfortunately, can't take a selfie with the cutie as it is in the enclosure but if you want to see wild Quokkas and take selfies with them, Rottnest Island is the place to be! However, we did not go there as we didn't have time (or rather, we were kinda lazy to go so far lol).

Happy to be able to hang out with kangaroos for the first time! 

Approx $30/pax and yes, worth the visit!

After that we Adventure World!
Address: 351 Progress DriveBibra LakeCockburnWestern Australia 6163Australia

 I would recommend you to bring your bikini and towels here as it's a water theme park! We didn't want to play the water stuff as we didn't want to get anymore tan but when I was there I regretted it! The water slides look soooo fun.

There weren't much rides we could take but the 4 rides we took were enough to drain us out. All that screaming made us so tired!!! We kinda underestimated the rides. Even though there weren't a lot of rides I would say it's worth a visit when you are in Perth. Entry is approx $60/pax

We didn't do much on Day 5 as we were really lazy so we only had brunch, visited the City again to take more pictures and watched our last sunset in Perth together.

It's Autumn now and the weather is perfect (ave. 21deg when we were there)! I wish it was like in Singapore! There's the warm sun but the wind blowing is cold! Also, it's not humid so my make up stays put.

I didn't go to many places and missed out a few main ones like Margaret River and Kings Park because we didn't have time but I think those are worth checking out too!

Hope you enjoyed my Perth post! :)