Tuesday, April 28, 2015

YouTubers V.S Bloggers

**Oh and one thing, everytime you read my blog and see that the font changes halfway, it isn't done deliberately hor! Everytime I edit something from my phone, it'll happen. Damn weird one.

Been a huge fan of MANY YouTubers after so many years and have seen so many improve and grow so much over the years. It seems like for YouTubers, the more subscribers they have, the more motivated they are to work even harder. Some even create multiple channels. Oh and not forgetting that they also have to keep their social media accounts active. Many become better and better at what they're doin. Those at the top continue producing such amazing work one after another and hardly ever disappoint us subscribers.

Here are some YouTube accounts worth checking out and why I love them!

NigaHiga (14 Million Subscribers)

Look at his first video, and his latest video. Look at how much it has improved over the years. The amount of effort he puts in his work AMAZES ME. He has been doing this since and just keeps getting better and better as the years pass. Also, seen him do collaborations with many MANY YouTubers. Even with local SG YouTubers!

Here are some of his old videos and his new videos (from old to new), watch and be impressed at how much he has improved!

MichellePhan (7 Million Subscribers)
Known as the beauty guru of Youtube. You can tell her videos aren't as "personal" as before but she definitely improved the quality of her videos. Also, besides beauty stuff, she gives pretty great advices to her subscribers. She has been doing this since and till today, she is still pretty consistent.

Some of her old videos to new videos...

She even runs her own glambag business, Ipsy, a make up line em michelle phan and owns a really interesting blog!

How does she even manage everything.....?!?!

Zoella (8 Million Subscribers)
Even with so many subscribers, she still remains so lovable and down to earth (as seen from her blogs). I wouldn't believe it's all an act because she updates so frequently and it's so consistent. If it's all an act then she has to be one hella good actress alright. She also has a separate channel updated frequently for her vlogs, MoreZoella.

Zoella's old videos to new videos...

itsJudysLife (1 Million Subscribers)
She's a mother of 3 and still manages to post a new video almost every single day.

Oh and one of her most popular uploads is of her baby and another vlogger's baby...

This other baby is from the other vlogging family the SaconneJolys and if you look at both their videos, you'd realize it's pretty similar. In a way they are "competitors" but instead of not mentioning each other, they meet up and do a collaboration! Both of them post new videos daily of the lives of their families.

Bubzbeauty  (2 Million Subscribers)
I'm probably her biggest fan in Singapore and i am so happy to be able to go through my pregnancy together with her. (haha macham i know her) She has about 3-4 weeks ahead of me and so consistent in her postings. Definitely helped me prepare myself better for what's about to happen to me. She's also such a sweet girl and recently raised like Her main account is Bubzbeauty but i prefer her vlogs on Bubzvlogz la haha.

grav3yardgirl (4 million Subscribers)

She's really not your typical pretty girl. She's kinda loud and uhm...her actions are a bit too kua zhang haha. But definitely keeping it very real and not afraid to be ugly which is why many love her!

I like her because she does a series of videos called "Does this thing really work?" where she buys random stuff as seen on TV/Magazines and gives a real review of it. Most of the time she's not being paid to buy the stuff or promote it.

Lets not forget our local YouTubers...

Take RyanSylvia (NOC) (300k subscribers) for example...

Some really good videos they've produced...

Whether it's for fun or ads, they put in a lot of efforts into their videos and are always collaborating with other YouTubers.

I've watched how they feature and made other YouTubers for example CheokboardStudios grow so much!

ALL of my favourite YouTubers are also very active on Social Media! Which means they really keep all their platforms updated and as active as possible.

Ok i actually like a lot A LOT of YouTubers but i decided not to make this part of the post too long haha...

Let me compare the Local Blogging Scene and the Local YouTube Scene....from my own observation. For both scenes, we have to create content to entertain and update our subscribers/readers. Both are pretty similar but the latter requires more work. However, if you take a look at the Top YouTubers and the Top Bloggers, you'd realize YouTubers post more frequently. The amount of work a Blogger has to put into doing up a Blog Post will never be as tedious and tiring as filming and editing a good video. I can't say the same for doing up exposes because i've never done one before so maybe only posts like those take up more time and effort. However, even with that "little effort" most bloggers still don't even post blog posts up that consistently. Which makes me wonder, is it true Bloggers get complacent after they've reached a certain "level"? I mean so far, those popular websites that are consistent and continue to produce good posts daily are news websites like Buzzfeed, Mothership, MustShareNews etc and definitely more entertaining than following blogs which are mostly dead half the time. If you do a SimilarWeb search on those websites and on most of us bloggers, you'd be surprised at how little engagement bloggers get compared to those sites. But most of us Bloggers earn even more than the writers inside earn...hmm.... :/

I understand that news sites have a team of writers to contribute content and articles which is why their website is always updated with something new daily , whereas for blogging, there's only one person behind the website. Still, the amount of work we "bloggers" produce, cannot be compared to those writers. Those writers have written more articles than most of us top Bloggers man? AND....i think most of us Bloggers earn more than them. :X

How many of us Bloggers are actually known for producing good and useful contents? I think most of us can't even find something to stick to so we call ourselves "Lifestyle" bloggers so we can blog about every single thing and maybe take up every single job given to us out there. Which means we should have more content right since our blogs are more diversified? In my opinion, the only "can make it" blogs in Singapore are the Food Bloggers. Those are the bloggers who go all the way out to hunt for good food to share with their readers. It's really not easy traveling the whole of Singapore finding the best Brunch place but they do it for their readers, they work hard to get a good post out which will help us narrow down the best place for Brunch. Food Blogging is something most of us Lifestyle bloggers can cover too because well, lifestyle blogging means everything happening in our lives right? But how many of us can produce a post as well as food bloggers?

. So, for me, i am categorized as a "Lifestyle blogger", i am supposed to blog about my daily life...or the things happening in my life. I can blog about so many things, some life hacks, food to eat, beauty secrets...etc! But many of us Lifestyle bloggers hardly bother to update our blogs... how many of us still do with Instagram around? We think posting pictures on Instagram is enough. Most of us bloggers who have reached a certain level can't be bothered to brain storm and think of good stuff to blog about. That certain level I am referring to is when we are given "paid jobs". That is the day most of us get motivated by money. Most Bloggers, unlike YouTubers, don't have that "drive" to keep our followers entertained. We don't even feel that "guilt" they feel when they don't post a new video in time. Do we really think we deserve the money we're earning? Surely, we can learn a thing or 2 from the YouTubers around and be better Bloggers. Look at YouTubers, they promise us things like "hey guys, new video every Wednesday!", how many Bloggers can do that? How many bloggers even blog on a weekly basis now? BESIDES THE PAID JOBS. I've seen potential in a few "small" blogs which are written as a hobby by some people that are SO MUCH better than blogs owned by popular local bloggers but i really wonder if they will still continue producing good content once they have grown to a certain level.

Hey look at those YouTubers, they do ALL of what we bloggers do, so much more. Yet, they still continue to produce good videos every week.

Could blogging be dying....?

Also, i don't know much about the YouTube scene and if this observation is accurate or not but YouTubers are willing to help each other grow. Unlike the local Blogging scene, if you are not from the same company, or not in a certain clique, you will never be seen in a picture together.. It is like Bloggers just hate seeing other Bloggers grow. Many just want to bring other people down. Something you don't really see in the YouTube scene. Even on their social media platforms. There's hardly a collaboration between bloggers of "different levels". Actually, then again, i've always been one who was willing to work with small bloggers whether or not people tell me so and so is only my friend to be popular, I never really cared. But only recently, some of those "small bloggers" have grown to be on the same level as me (and many surpassed me in fact) and ha, the way they look at me now is like as if i'm lousier than them and am a nobody. Uhm...when you were "down there" i never looked down or you nor saw you as a nobody so now that you are up there you shouldn't too? So yeah, even if you collaborate and make a certain someone "get noticed" in the local blogosphere, the person won't even help you when you're "not as popular" in future. Kinda sucks...

I admire the YouTube scene so much because i've seen people with 100k Subscribers work and promote other YouTubers who only started with like 1k Subscribers. They let each other star in each others videos...and then also mention them in the description box. When those 1k Subs YouTubers grow to like 50k subs, they too start working with smaller YouTubers and helping other people grow. It's like happening in every single YouTube community all over the world...Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, America...Everywhere, they just seem to like helping one another. Look at it this way, YouTubers all come from "different" companies also right? So how come they can work together and how come bloggers can't and are not willing to? How come they can star in each others videos and make friends with each other so easily? Why are so many of them so helpful and willing to help each other get noticed? Unlike the Blogging scene, bloggers feel threatened people are going to "overtake" you. I always feel that if it happens, it just means you don't produce good enough content which is why you're overtaken. In the local blogging scene, you can see many "clique of bloggers". It's always the same ol' people on each others blogs. You will hardly ever see different cliques coming together working on something together...unless it's a company thing. Never really a collaboration or whatsoever. The only time someone mentions someone else is when the person is more influential. Nobody ever promotes someone "smaller" (unless they have been friends for a long time).

AND...last but not least, why are most YouTubers way friendlier and more down to earth than most Bloggers and don't give off that "i'm a big shot" feel even with such great number of followers? I just think they are so much easier to like! Why do bloggers always have that holier-than-thou attitude...? With this attitude the industry becomes very uncomfortable to be in...and so fake. Everyone is out to kill you. Especially if you are from a rival company.

Writing this post is actually really inspiring ...for me lah. Like suddenly i really feel like i want to work hard on blogging...but then i remember i'm gonna have to take it easy as i'm going into a new industry soon and might not have time for this. BUT REALLY, I am so inspired with all the YouTube community and how hard they work so very hard to get to where they are...and continue working hard even when they are on top.