Sunday, May 10, 2015

Blogger to Interior Designer

Growing up, I've always lived in a beautiful house designed by both my dad and mom. My dad was an architect and my mom was (in fact still is) an interior designer. I grew up watching my dad draw a lot as I spent a lot of time in the study room playing on the computer. I think that has to be one reason why I always had an interest in the industry however i never stepped into it because I preferred fashion and chose that path at first. My parents are now divorced but my step dad has took an interest in the industry and is now helping my mom with it which is truly a blessing because they make such a great team. And I am super happy to join the team now!

Anyway, my mother was a fashion designer turned interior designer and I am sorta like her leh haha. When I was a little girl, I followed her to work everywhere, from the days she was in fashion till the day she stepped into a new industry. And today, I call her my inspiration. Everything I do, from stepping into fashion to now, switching into a new industry, have always been inspired by her. 

When I was in my rebellious teenage days, I was never really close to her and and have done things which have upset her a lot and I absolutely regret it now when I look back. I never understood how difficult it was to raise a child on your own. I always compared myself to other families which were so wholesome and wealthy I always scolded her for making my life "tough". I have said so many mean things to her I just can't even believe those words could come out of my own mouth. Never did I expect the tough times to make me who I am today and have learnt to be more grateful and thankful for everything I have now. If I had to raise a daughter like myself, I wouldn't know how I'll be able to cope with the stress my daughter gives me all the time and calling me a bad mother even when I'm trying to desperately make ends meet. Still, she never gave up on a daughter like me and was always there when I needed her most. When I was struggling with managing my business, she took time off the interior design company and helped me with my fashion business. She did everything she could so I didn't have to suffer on my own. She was selfless, and so so kind. Even when I took her kindness for granted, she never stopped being the best mother she could be. When I look back, I am extremely thankful for her catching me whenever I fall. In every area of my life, even when I go through failed relationships, she was always there to help me pull through. She had so much confidence in me, in everything I do and want to do and was always encouraging me all the way. From doing business instead of studying, to giving birth to Elroy, I always had her full support in everything I do. Never once has she said anything mean to me even when I've said a thousand of mean things to her. I am spoilt to the max by her love! It's like I always get my way and never get scolded lor. Maybe that's why I expect my boyfriends to spoil me and give in to me all the But yes, she really loves me so so so much and I took like 20 years to finally realize that. I always assumed it's something ALL parents have to do...because after all we are their child. I don't even know if it's something all parents can deal with...I think many would've given up on a daughter like me. :( she's so selfless and patient I need to learn to be more like her.

I cannot be more thankful for her and every Mother's Day (I do feel thankful for her everyday but if I dedicated one post for her everyday it'll be too mad haha), I want to remind her how much I love her! She's the most important person I have in my life and the greatest motivation to be a wonderful mom to Elroy. I have learnt SO MUCH from her on being a good mother. 

I love u Mummy and I will always do.

And I want to work hard on this company we've build together. With your guidance, I believe I'll make it and won't let you down. Hehe.

P.s and since I'm starting in this new industry I decided to see if I can get any clients here! (Ya la opportunist mah haha) I've already have clients consulted me on their home renovation already when I briefly mentioned previously, thank u! If you are keen on meeting me, feel free to do so as I'm quite free now and am more than willing to help you build your dream home. You can drop me an email to arrange an appointment with me and I'll be more than glad to meet you for a discussion! I'm nice also la but if u don't trust me you can approach my mum hehe. Drop me an email at for appointments and quotations!