Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Number Two


Here goes...

I am my 2nd trimester of my 2nd pregnancy!!!


During the first pregnancy, we told ourselves, if we chose to have unprotected sex, we would have to be prepared to face anything which comes along with it. The birth of E changed EVERYTHING about us. We became a better version of ourselves and definitely much happier with a child around. I always saw myself with 2 children but never exactly planned when I wanted number 2. We chose not to have protected sex and were like if it happens, it happens! After all, we do want Elroy to have a was a sooner or later thing.

However, due to starting work in a new industry this year, I kinda wanted to avoid getting pregnant till I got everything at work up and running properly so I decided to go on Birth Control pills not too long ago. When I discovered the pregnancy, it was really scary because i realized I have been on medication and on birth control pills! I took my pills every day and when i didn't get my period i assumed it was delayed because of the pills. In fact, I haven't gotten my period since the birth of Elroy but was told that BFing will delay it and so will Birth Control so missing my periods did not alarm me till recently. When tested positive i had the biggest shock because BC has a 99.9% of prevention of pregnancy if taken correctly. So how could i be that 0.1% to get pregnant on BC? :/ After realizing I have finished a few courses of BC Pills, WHILE PREGNANT, I was worried sick. :( I was supposed to start on BC when i got my first period but after giving birth to Elroy, i didn't bleed at all so i just started it the moment i stopped breastfeeding. Because when you breastfeed, that itself acts like a birth control too. The doc suspects I was pregnant in the first week of starting on BC or even before I started on the BC since I took my BC pills every day and never missed it, it should not be the BC's fault. Still, can't track what exactly happened because I can't remember anything.

But that doesn't matter to us because we are so happy this happened and we wish for nothing but a safe and smooth pregnancy. We are monitoring the baby super closely to make sure he/she is healthy and growing well.

Also because I found out about the pregnancy late, i've been training for my bikini body, while pregnant. WHAT THE SORCERY IS THIS?! What did i just put my baby into?! 

I didn't even feel anything different. I didn't even feel "fat" until like maybe 4 days ago. Again, like my first pregnancy, i didn't experience morning sickness and all that. However one thing which was not so good about this 2nd pregnancy is that my complexion got really bad, I suddenly got a super bad break out and lotsa clogged pores. Shall put my anti acne stuff to good use now! 

But anyway,such a smooth first trimester! Thank you baby for making it so so easy for mummy! This is really truly a miracle and a blessing to me. I went through the 1st Trimester JUST LIKE THAT. And even after all that hardcore exercising, my baby is alive and kicking! 

YAY!!! BABY ELROY IS GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!!! Being a year + apart is awesome because they'd be able to grow up, learn and play together! To me, I feel that 1-2 years is a great age gap between siblings. The new baby can use many of the stuff Elroy has outgrown hehe. I always envied my friends who had siblings who were just a year older/younger! Now my children also can grow up together and be super close (hopefully). Hehe.

What a great surprise!!! With the new biz up and running and a new baby arriving, 2015 is gonna be yet another crazy year! :) 

A new baby is truly a blessing and seriously, Elroy brought so much good luck to our home. So much more joy and happiness to our families too. I can't imagine how much luckier and happier we'll be with number 2 hehe! 

Do you think it's a boy or a girl?!
I'll get a 100% confirmation from my doc in 2 weeks from the Harmony blood test I submitted. Hehe. 

There's a lot of things people have been asking me and I believe more people will ask but like I said before, I want to keep my life "more private". My partner hates my life on social media so much he always wants me to stop sharing stuff about my life online (which explains why Ads appear so often). I think he also wanted to disallow me to share this big news online but how can I hide it knowing the bump will be visible VERY SOON. 

Oh this I really want to share! So... my partner strongly believes in Feng Shui like i mentioned a month ago in my Feng Shui post, i just let him do his Feng Shui thing and sit back. I do not want to get into an argument over religious stuff etc. Recently we got the master to come over to the Interior Design showroom to see if it's a good place and if stepping into this new industry was good for me. He was like "hmm, it's great but you are going to be pregnant and i don't think you'll be as active in this business this year". My mom, partner and i just stood there with the "oh really?" face. Totally unconvinced. All of us. Now with this confirmation that i really am...i'm just speechless. Scary huh.