Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ad: RAVE by YoungHungryFree

RAVE by Young Hungry Free

Young Hungry free’s chic-minimalist fashion is an element that strikes every shopper, perfect for the risk-takers who seek for apparels that have that extra edge. Be it a casual night-out with your BFF after work or an important appointment to attend to, you can be sure to find clothes that will suit the occasion that you're going for.

Gotta love this white lace dress which hid my baby bump so well :) Impressed with the quality and fit. The lace details are too pretty~

What's more? They recently released a Lookbook - #TennisTuesday - featuring more bomb-ass apparels from their latest launch! You can view the entire collection here –

Now, everything that was mentioned above was just appetizers for you ladies. Here comes the main course!

Almost every wild child’s favourite online store is about to drop its sickest event to date! Keep your eyes peeled as Young Hungry Free's highly anticipated first annual warehouse sale would finally be in action.

RAVE by Young Hungry Free will be taking place this coming weekend at their main office, from 11am to 9pm on both days.

Details are as follow:
Venue: 61 Bukit Batok Crescent 04-05, Singapore 658078
Date: Saturday and Sunday, 20th - 21st June
Time: 11am - 9pm

Aside from jaw dropping discounted prices from their current and new collections that will leave your closet packed and ready for this summer, here are some of RAVE's event highlights to go along with your shopping this weekend.

Rave along with house music with food and drinks and experience the ultimate lounge shopping experience. They also got your travel needs covered. YHF girls deserves to be treated like a queen. Uber your way to the event with a $20 discount code and dive right into the shopping without even breaking a sweat! 

Other highlights include our favourite DJ Getto from Zouk Singapore, free flow drinks from StrongBow Cider and Gorilla Press Co all day and enjoy unlimited churros from the Churros factory.

Not to mention our interative Photobooth with AwwSnap and of course, amazing shopping – heavily discounted prices from $5-$20.

Join us as we celebrate YHF not just as a label but as a lifestyle.

We will be giving away 10 x VIP passes for my followers, check out the details and join the giveaway on my Instagram!

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Wait no more! Mark the dates on your calendars now!