Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baby Girl = Bad Skin?

Yippee! So yes, baby girl gave me BAD BAD BAD SKIN. I don't think I've found a solution yet because my skin is STILL breaking out. It's better Everytime after a facial but goes back to being clogged and bumpy a few days later. Everyone says there's nothing much I can do because it's the hormones. :(

What was recommended by mummy friends who went through the same thing is to go for regular facials to extract professionally and do some light therapy thing, eat healthier (more veg, less sugar!) and drink more water. Also not to use too many different products on my face as what worked before pregnancy might not work during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes? And some ingredients are not suitable so only go for products which are made out of natural ingredients! If I find any solution which works for me I'd share it here :)

I don't know why but when I complaint about bad skin, people told me "you must be having a girl". Is it true that you will have bad skin when you are pregnant with a girl and good skin with a boy? For me it seems to be true because with Elroy, I did not have problematic skin and had very glowy complexion. There were a few beak outs here and there in the first trimester but nothing I couldn't manage and resolve within a few days. However this time round, nothing seems to work for me :( my skin is so rough it's damn sad whenever I touch it. I miss clear skin!!!

I can't be happier though! It's always been a dream to have a girl of my own! I love boys but I also always wanted a girl to play dress up with! Also, I think girls tend to stay closer to parents till their old, unlike boys. Haha.