Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sp: Tarte Blush

Thank you Tarte for being so super generous and sending me so many Arzonian Clay 12 Hour Blush!

Tarte has recently been added to my list of favourite make up brands because of their Mascara, i actually bought so many and gave them out as X'mas gifts last year! Hehe. So when Tarte told me they want to send me stuff, i was soooo happy and excited.

When i opened the package, i found 12 beautiful shades of Tarte's Arzonian Clay 12 Hour Blush!

What i love about this is that i blends very well and easily. It goes on easy and looks beautiful. It also claims to last 12 hours but i don't usually go out that long (that is because i'm preggers now and i get tired easily haha) so i can't assure you that's true but for the 6 hours i was out, it was great! I have oily/combination skin at the moment due to pregnancy hormones and this kept my oily skin matt. Price wise, not the cheapest blush but if you do not want to risk getting a blush which sucks, this is definitely worth giving a shot. All that money i spent on crappy blushers could've gotten me so many of this.

There's also a HUGE range of colors so there's something for everyone - from fair skinned to dark skinned!

My favourite colors that go well with my skin (and make up style) are...

1. Tipsy
2. Fearless
3. Flush

I am wearing Tipsy below...


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You can find Tarte at our local Sephora outlets all over Singapore. :)

I wanted to do my own swatch of it however if i do so, i'd kinda have to "use the product" but since i want to do a give away, i shall not touch it and ruin it. Hehe.

I'm giving away 6 blushers because i do not need to keep that many. Since i don't know which color will suit you, i'll give 3 different colors to each person so that means there will be 2 winners giveaway! 

Simply follow me on @ohsofickle on Instagram, "Like" the picture and follow the giveaway details there!

Thank you Tarte for this!