Thursday, June 25, 2015

TV Series Marathon

The past month has been like this...go to work in the afternoon (usually for 3 hours for meetings), TV Time + a whole lotta Snacking and Sleep. It's like good bye to my happening life...and friends? I am officially a loner. I don't know how I did this all the way but I did and am enjoying the lonliness?? Oh dear what's happening to meeeee. Maybe a few date nights here and there with the boy and that's about it. All by myself most of the time. Everyday it's just me, the TV with Elroy climbing all over me, crazy crazy loads of food, and sleep. I can't say I'm a bum either because I do meet clients and do up quotations whenever requested but since I'm pregnant, it's not recommended I go to the site so my work is pretty simple! 

Ok anyhooows, the past month I've been hooked on Orange in The New Black. I've heard of it but never bothered because I didnt think a show about women in prison was all that great but now I love it and I love it even more because I'm at Season 3 now and RUBY ROSE! When I started on my marathon a month back, I did not know who Ruby Rose was, I just decided to watch the show because I didn't know what to watch. Then came a super hot girl trending all over and when I did a wiki search, she's in the show I was watching which got me super excited to watch it till season 3 & I did! Hehe. She's so so hot?! 

Besides OITNB I am also watching Melissa and Joey now. A bit more light hearted and not so intense hehe.

So this month is kinda different from other months as it is my American TV shows month! Been so long since I last followed US shows because I've been following Korean shows! Oh, one of my favourite K Drama I finished not too long ago is Birth of a Beauty. Can I say how gorgeous the lead actress is?! Plus she definitely does not look her age at all!!