Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 17 (2nd Pregnancy)

Omg what a horribly sinful thing I did last night...

Someone brought 4 durians over and I ate 2 whole durians ALL BY MYSELF. I had like 14 seeds in all I think?? It's a ridiculous amount but I tried and couldn't stop! I was like "ok, maybe one last one..." Then started pinching the meat slowly and bit by bit and before I know it, THE WHOLE THING WAS WIPED OUT BY ME. I think I'll stay away from it till my last trimester and if my baby happens to be small, I'll go on a spree but for now, better stay away as I don't want gestational diabetes and an overly large baby.

Other than the durian episode, I have been pretty healthy I guess! Don't really over eat like I did during my first pregnancy but who knows, things might change but I hope it doesn't as it's pretty good the way it is now. Don't have any unhealthy cravings like ice cream and chocolates, unlike my first pregnancy. Have been OD-ing on fruits though! But that isn't a bad thing right? Haven't done much prenatal work outs this time round as I've been so busy at work and also I think carrying a 10kg+ Elroy daily is quite a work out already? Haha. I do hope to start exercising a bit and being a lil more active as i was in my first pregnancy as it really benefit me! I felt more energetic and stronger when I exercised. 

This week I visited the ob/gyn and found out I gained 1kg. Doc said it's all good and baby looks healthy and is growing well so I have nothing to worry about! Looking forward to a more full and thorough scan at 20 weeks! Might only do a pregnancy update again at 20 weeks well, unless anything interesting happens in this upcoming weeks hehe.

Week 17 (2nd Pregnancy)
Current Weight: 53kg
Weight Gained: 4kg (starting weight 49kg)