Monday, July 6, 2015

Difference between 1st & 2nd Pregnancy

I hit 20 weeks this week! Which means I'm already halfway through my 2nd pregnancy.

So I am now 5 months pregnant with a girl on the way and have a 10 month old baby boy. 

I have realized many differences in my 1st and 2nd pregnancies so I shall share some with you!

Let me share some similarities between my 1st and 2nd first!

It's only 4 things haha...
1. I did not have morning sickness at all!
2. My appetite is crazy when pregnant and I just can't feel full for long so I'm always always eating.
3. My hips and back hurt a lot...and it's only going to get worse. I dread going through the last few weeks with this pain in my hip again. During the last pregnancy it was so so bad.

Now the differences...

Nobody Cares 

1st Pregnancy: Everyone is always concerned about you and asking about you. I get texts from close and not so close friends all the time asking how I'm coping with the pregnancy.

2nd Pregnancy: Nobody cares. I'm serious! It's like as if I'm not pregnant at all? Haha. Even my partner and close friends sometimes forget that I am?! It's a bit sad but it's true. 


Weight Gain and Food Choices

1st Pregnancy: Eat EVERYTHING because I'm eating for two!!!! I usually limit myself to 1500 calories but since I can eat for 2, I can eat 3000 calories! Hungry at 3am, call mcdelivery and a mcspicy and filet O fish! Just eat because it means baby wants it! Give in to ALL my cravings because I can and deserve it and everyone feeds me all the time anyway. OMG, 10kg weight gain at halfway mark already?!

2nd Pregnancy: Eat healthier! Craving macs at 3am? Nahhhh I'll just eat bread and an apple! Because eating healthy means you don't put on unnecessary weight and it's much healthier for both mummy and baby. Only 5kg weight gain at my halfway mark! Oh and uhhh nobody cares too so nobody feeds me and encourages me to eat more anymore haha. 


Heavy Stuff

1st Pregnancy: *out shopping with friends* *attempts to pick shopping bags from the counter* "eh I help you carry la! You pregnant cannot carry so many things one!"

2nd Pregnancy: *carries 10kg+ baby boy* *picks up heavy shopping bags from grocery shopping* NOBODY CARES. 


Always Updated

1st Pregnancy: Remembering clearly what week + day I am. Getting updates on apps and constantly checking out Baby Center and What to a Expect. I can go into the app like 4 times in the same week reason it over and over again. Oh and wanting to know week by week what fruit size my baby is now. 

2nd Pregnancy: "Eh, now what week already ah?" 


Buying Baby Stuff

1st Pregnancy: "He needs this! And this! And this!!!" "Oh he is new born so I need to get NB clothes" I was buying things almost everyday??? Also I bought SO SO many things because I'm very kiasu which are pretty unnecessary and ended up not using because he grew so quickly too! 

2nd Pregnancy: Everything can use Elroy's yay to saving money on that! Still buying though...BECAUSE FINALLY I CAN BUY PINK STUFF! Hehe. But I buy more practical clothes now and make sure I buy it bigger! Rather her be in oversized clothing so can wear the item longer haha.


At Doctor's Appointment

1st Pregnancy: "Oh no! I hit my belly ytd, is my baby alright?" "Oh no! I accidentally ate a bit of my friend's egg Benedict is my baby gonna be ok?" "I accidentally ate pineapple, is it ok?" Basically asking A LOT of questions and can spend almost 45min inside asking time I wrote down a list of things to ask my doc in case I forgot.

2nd Pregnancy: *hears baby's heartbeat and sees baby on screen* "Your baby is growing well and right on track." "That's great! See you next month!" *out in 5min*


Bonding with Bump

1st Pregnancy: *plays classical music and place it near belly for baby* *read to the bump* I also cannot stop touching my ALL THE TIME. Whenever, wherever. Everyone wanted to touch it and talk to baby inside too.

2nd Pregnancy: *sleeps on belly or back* *feels uncomfortable* "Oh ya... got baby inside that's why!" 


I sound like I totally don't care about this pregnancy but I DO!!! Just that I'm not so paranoid and worried because I sorta know what to expect already and also...because people around me don't seem to care about me, I also end up not caring so much about me. Lol. Not to mention, my 10 month old baby is kinda too active already haha. Brought him to meet some baby friends and mummies told me my baby is much more active than their babies and they can't imagine how much more tiring it'll be for my helper and I when he starts walking. For now, he has to crawl EVERYWHERE so it's kinda bad alr. And he will keep trying to stand up. He doesn't sleep that much anymore so it's super tiring. Nothing can keep him still. Not even the iPad. I guess that's why I'm always so tired and tend to forget about my pregnancy. Lol. Not sure if it's a good thing or not because I'm not "enjoying" the process and remembering it at all. What if this is my last baby (I don't mind more but have to wait and see how things go)!! After all, having one boy and one girl is "perfect" alr right? After writing this, maybe I should try to start being more attentive to myself and enjoy being pregnant...haha.