Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pregnancy Acne Cleared!

Oh my goodness! I finally cleared my skin and i am super duper happy!!! It's been a horrible 2 months for me suffering from acne and blemishes like never before. Ok, i'm's been probably 2 years since i last face such severe skin issues. Haha. 

Anyway, i REALLY give thanks to this 4 products!

1. Belli Anti-Blemish Facial Wash
(can also be left on your skin for like 10 min as a wash-off mask)
2. Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment
3. La-Roche Posay Effaclar Facial Wash
Available at most Guardians and Watsons in Singapore.
4. Albion Skin Conditioner
You can get this from Takashimaya Albion Counter in Singapore.

This 4 products have turned my skin around and have gained my confidence back (well sorta....).

Also, i have to thank Atlas Medical Clinic for being ever so patient with me and helping me do extraction on my skin when it was super congested! That must've helped clear up my skin too.

I'm sorry but i did not take any pictures of my skin due to self-esteem issues i've been facing (sigh i really think it's the pregnancy hormones making me feel so horrible about myself). But i really swear by this 4 products which has saved my skin.

If you are pregnant and facing acne problems, please try the 4 items out! I hope it will work as well on you as it worked for me. 

Oh actually you don't have to be pregnant to use Belli, ANYONE with acne prone skin can use it to help get rid of acne! It may be a bit weird to use a "pregnancy" product when you aren't preggers but hey, if it worked well on my acne skin, why not! This will be my go to product even after pregnancy I'm sure! That is, if it'll still work next time...idk why but products stop working on my skin after long usage that's why I'm always changing. The ingredients are very safe for pregnancy that's why it's a recommended product for pregnant women.

It was super difficult to find a good product. I've tried SO MANY in the past few months and most made my skin worse. Many products which worked for me in the past were unsuitable for pregnancy due to the ingredients it contained so i did some research and found Belli. Delivery took like a week, which was totally ok with me because i saw improvement in 3 days after using the products!

So my routine is super simple during the period i was trying to resolve my horrible skin.

In the morning, i wash my face with La-Roche Posay Effaclar and Pat Albion Skin Conditioner before putting my usual make up (primer, concealer, foundation blah). 
At night, i use my Shu Uemura Oil Cleanser to remove my make up, then use Belli Facial Wash and Apply the Spot Control Treatment. On some nights, i leave the facial wash on for about 5-10 min before washing it off. I don't really know if it's working well but since they claim it's a versatile product and can be used as i wash off mask i decided to do that haha.

Belli does feel drying on my skin and my skin is really pretty dry now but it's so SOOOO much better than congested and pimply skin for sure. 

I will start to slap on a good moisturizer now and hope i don't start breaking out again. It's like during pregnancy, my skin is SO DIFFERENT! Super sensitive and acne prone :( Hoping it'll go back to normal after i give birth man.

Now i need not pile on so much make up to cover up my bad skin because my skin is CLEARED! FINALLY. Ya...i know i shouldnt even have piled on make up on my bad skin because that will just make it worse but i really feel very crappy if i do not cover up the pimples and blemishes and i'd not want to see anyone or go out.

This is not a paid ad.