Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Elroy 11 Months

So last week, Elroy had a fever for like 4 days. It was so high, one night it went up to 40.4 degree celsius. My helper and I spent those days with very little sleep taking turns to look after him and check on him constantly. He then broke out in a rash and the fever ended. Googled and they call this Roseola. Pretty sure it was that but didn't confirm it with the doctor because the rash went away pretty quickly.

I am slowly going cray though :( and i think my helper too. He is sooooo fussy now. What happened to my easy happy baby?! It started last month, got worse during his 4 days fever. And now that the fever is gone...OMG the crying just won't stop it is really slowly driving me crazy. I'm so sorry I feel so bad saying this but it's really what i am feeling. Even when he has stopped for a little while and I want to sleep, the crying will be ringing in my head. Being pregnant is making my patience worse than ever too. I'm pretty tolerant to babies' cries leh but recently it's just tooooooo much to handle...

Elroy cries over everything and it's so difficult to make him stop. It used to be super easy like all we had to do was to Carry him around but now he would stop awhile and start again while being carried. Everything makes him cry?! It is even worse than the newborn phase. When he wants milk, i give him milk and he will drink a few sips and throw the bottle away and start crying again. And then i'll try giving it to him again, and he will drink a few more sips and cry again. It's just non stop crying 24/7. He can't sleep for over 3 hours....he will confirm wake up to cry awhile then go back to sleep. I googled and many mommies experience this too and said it's teething. I believe so since the last check up with the doc, he doesn't have a ear infection and besides his fever there wasn't really anything alarming according to the blood and urine tests the doc did.

Oh please please let this phase be over soon!!! :(

Anyway, more updates on his growth. He is now a whopping 11kg! Pretty big for a 11 month old baby indeed. The doc said it's all good cus he is "tall" so yeah, not over weight! Plus he will lose it all when he starts to walk....which i'm quite sad about because i love fatty Elroy. Still a super fussy eater!!! But can eat A LOT if he likes a certain food. It's not easy though! It's like one day he might like it and the next day he doesn't. And like the previous update, he just wants to be fed by the hand and refuses to eat from spoon. Like if we feed by a spoon halfway and he stops, then no choice but to use hand otherwise he just want want to eat it anymore. He is getting pretty good at feeding himself now. Like he can hold his biscuit or fruit and finish it without creating a huge mess and dropping it all over.