Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pregnancy Update

Oh my...this pregnancy, I AM RAVENOUS. I CANT STOP EATING CARBS. My everyday must have includes at least 2 slices of cake, muffins, bread w peanut's really crazy because I have so much carbs in a day and I'm kinda inactive. I've stopped exercising as it always hurts down below when I do. It's a weird feeling. I miss exercising though! I miss perspiring and having a good work out so much.

At week 26 I've already gained 10kg! It's pretty similar to my previous pregnancy  which means I've to work super hard to lose all the excess weight after baby. Which I heard is more difficult after having number 2 but praying that those things I heard aren't true. 

Well I am thankful that everything has been pretty great so far though! I do get days I feel very very worried as this baby isn't as active as Elroy. I hardly feel her kicking! And when I do, it's just for a little while and it's only when I lie down flat and really try to feel her. Most of the time I can't feel her. It's so weird right! So I bought myself a little Doppler so I can hear her heartbeat from time to time to assure myself she's alright. It's quite funny cus she moves the most when I'm using the Doppler!