Saturday, September 25, 2010


Do you feel happy when you see asian models? Well i do! I love going thru collections on and seeing asian models here and there.

That day i was looking thru Juice and i saw this GAP model. EFFING PRETTY. So i immediately googled her.

Shu Pei

Liu Wen (is Victoria's Secret's first Asian supermodel)

Notice the thing about these asian models, they're not exactly pretty-pretty (ive seen a lot more girls who are way prettier) - they have that long narrow eyes which i don't really like but still...there's something about them which makes them well, them! You don't see pretty girls outside with such features and go "wow chio". Oh and i dont know why but i feel that asian models look more friendly. They dont have that intimidating look, which makes them more like-able! To me lah.

Ok you know what...i wish i was korean! KOREAN GIRLS ARE REALLY PRETTY.

I didnt really like KPOP in the past...until i started watching music videos and spotted a lot of eye candies! Who doesn't like looking at pretty girls?! I'm a girl but i like looking at girls so much more than looking at boys. Oh and Zipia's clothes alwasy look damn nice cus the girls are all so pretty! I always go crazy when i browse thru the stuff on Zipia. I end up looking at the girls instead of the clothes. Ok so....yeah 90% of them undergo plastic surgery but SO?? You think everyone can look chio with surgery? No girls out there who did surgery and still don't look that good! Also when you see a pretty girl you'll just be like "OMG SO PRETTY I WISH I LOOKED HALF AS GOOD!" right? You won't think so much what.... unless you're some jealous'll prolly be like "Not possible to look so good naturally...confirm plastic surgery".

Ok but then again I'm not exactly extremely proud to be asian...

I mean who doesn't want the sharp nose, razor sharp cheek bones, not so boring eye color, strong brows/lashes....Plus, face it, on any given day, in any given city, you're much more likely to see an attractive ang moh than aN asian?

Public opinion! Are you happy with the way you look (asian or not)? Whose face do you wish you were born with?