Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love Sick

I've been lying in bed for days already. Wenta the docs yesterday and took meds but still not okay! THIS SUCKS. I usually dont take this long to get well! The door bell rang yesterday....i knew it was the post man with my new pair of shoes! I've been waiting for a month for it to arrive and have been really excited bout it but i was so sick i ignored and went to sleep. WHAT?!?! THE?!?!?! FUCK?!?!?! RIGHT?!?!? Now i kinda regret....really wanna see my new shoes. HAIZ.

Boring boring boring life. Btw I got my camera back from M already! Need to buy new lens!

Once i'm well imma start snapping lotsa picx and start posting outfit picx!! So many ideas in my head...can't wait to dress up!

I feel like dyeing my hair black. YES OR NO??

I cant wait for October! No not only because it's my birthday month (*wink wink) but also because i might be flying over to xxx to look for a supplier! I have SO MANY designs in my bed. SO SO SO MANY! I really hope i can find somewhere reliable to do my stuff. A lot of people are asking me why i stopped designing my own stuff. Well basically, i lost my supplier cus she had bigger stuff to do and i couldnt find anyone to do it for me ever since! It is soooo sad.... but well i do hope all will change in Oct and i can start having my own designs again! Really looking forward to that! Hope you girls are as excited too! :)