Sunday, September 19, 2010


The boy just left for Aussie. This means lonelydayz begin now. Gonna start making plans. Making a lot of plans with my friends so i won't be sad!

Tomorrow's gonna be a whole day of work. Photoshoot & i'm launching a new collection! Work is good.....keeps me away from lying in bed all day doing nothing. I can do that everyday but nope...I MUST WORK. I can't wait for Tue. Karaoke with daryl & dx! I miss Yowz so much!

Oh and yes to those who keep reminding me of my weight gain I KNOW LAH OMG. Quit rubbing it in! I think i gained like 5kilos? NO JOKE. I cant fit into my blue denim shorts....the pair i'm always wearing. THAT'S LIKE HOW DEPRESSING!!! Now that the boy is gone, convenience of getting food is gone. WHICH IS GREAT. That is...if i don't call Macs everyday. Or the cafe downstairs......but thank god im kinda sick of the food from downstairs so yeah...MACS...I FEAR. I FEAR I'LL CALL MACS FOR BREAKIE, LUCNCH AND DIN. NOOOOOOOO. Must be disciplined. Told the boy i'll stop complaining about being fat when he's back. Told him i'm gonna shed the weight i gained. Must stick to my word.


MTV sent the boyfee and i breakfast in the morning! So nice right! They wanted us to enjoy breakfast and watch the VMAS.

Did ya'll catch the MTV VMAS?

Well i did and enjoyed it but can anyone tell me WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!

Seriously ah...

The shoes also cannot chill.

What is she trying to do?! Set some trend ah? Please want would wanna wear meat?! How to tahan?! Just touching raw meat makes me feel so dirty....i'll like wanna wash my hands immediately. WEARING IT?? UH?!?!

Dinner at Yuki Yaki where we ate Gaga's dress from the VMAs....

Same same ah.

It's been a long time since i had dinner there.

Well if you haven't been there, it's basically like Seoul Garden! I find it better though...cus they serve fresh sashimi! I think i ordered like 6 plates! I LOVE SALMON! Cant believe i used to hate it so much. Lol. Yuki Yaki is also cooler than Seoul Garden because you get to fry your own ice cream. Ok not sure if i used the right word "Fry" but yeah u make your own ice cream.

It's at Marina Square, the same level as Prize Station. That day i wasnt very lucky :( walked out on Prize Station empty handed. I haven't walked out of the place empty handed since i mastered the technique lor! :(