Sunday, September 19, 2010


I totally disappeared from the cyber world for 3 days? No phone, no laptop. Feels good. Feels good to not know what's happening around and only being concerned with my own life.

Didn't work that means tomorrow will be a really busy day!! Reply emails, pack, head to the post office......

The boy leaves tonight. OH GAWD. No help me with work. No one to wake up to. No one to give xoxos to. No one to eat my meals with. No one to drive me around. It is is so so sad. For almost a month....3 FUH-REEEEAKING WEEKS. Lonely lonely gal.

Anyway shit happened last night. Shit that made me angry. Made me cry. Haven't cried for quite some time. Ok so maybe I'm over-sensitive. Too possessive. I think too much. I need to learn to trust. Need to learn to stop making my own assumptions seem like it's really what happened. I don't know how to phrase it but yeah.....I hope you sorta know what I mean?

As I type this images of last night fill my mind. Tears are welling up in my eyes. Better stop, better stop. Ill go on some other time. Don't wanna ruin the last few hours with him.
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