Friday, September 17, 2010


Ssssuuuup ppl!

Short update! Soooo.....i've been spending everyday with the boy. Must ah......cus there's like a possibility forgetting me when he's back. Haha. IT'S A FREAKING MONTH. KNNBCCB HOLIDAY SO LONG FOR WHAT. FOR WHAAAAAAT! PFFFFT.

But well at least i can start spending a lot of time with my friends during that month! Neglected them for 2-3 weeks just for the boy! FEEL SO BAAAAAAD. I am thankful for understanding friends though! :)

Ok some random pictures from my photobooth! Not sure if i posted em on my blog before my if i did, should be quite a long time ago?

Have ya'll watched Gossip Girl Season 4 Ep 1 already? If no...go watch! AM GONNA WATCH NOW! Fell asleep while waiting for it to load. I watch it on Sidereel, u need a megavideo account though (thanks for Donna's!)

Bunny when he was still a baby! Now he is just ..... BIG!

The crazy videos in the ohsofickle office!!! Hehe.

Bandung with Freda!

Bkk with DX!

Ive tons of picx of dx in my lappy i realised. You secretly camwhore ah! Hahaha

Super black hair

Giant head gear period~

Yesterday. This will be my PJs for a month because the boy is scared that ill forget him. He bought like a few army tees for me to wear to sleep. SOME KIASU.

Mmmhmm i'll be like this if i continue leading this unhealthy lifestyle. NO DOUBT.