Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My precious! :(

You have no idea how mad pissed off I am with my mother right now! I hate her so much now! Urgh!

So what wonderful thing she did this time?

Well everyone knows how much I loooooove shoes! And I've a huge ass collection of shoes at home. That woman threw away more than half of my collection. Consisting of A LOT of my favourite flats.

Lately, I've been wearing a lot of heels but that doesn't mean I don't wear the flats anymore what?! She freaking threw away all my vintage oxford shoes, my sandals, my ballet flats.....even 4 different colors havaianas she also throw? Just cus lately I don't wear the flat havaianas I'm always wearing the high one. What the fuck. I'm so angry!!!!! Ill never be able to find a lot of shoes cus I got most from vintage stores. I wanna cry!!!!

If the shoes were taking too much space, can put in my room what! Or sell?! I know there'll be people who want it?! But no, she THREW THEM AWAY. Heartache max!!!

I cannot describe how much anger and sadness I have in me. I really loved every single pair so much?! I super love my denim slippers but that's gone too! I've no more flats thanks to the bitch. I already don't have much $ to spare unlike in the to buy shoes the same way I did?! Now I hardly spend $ on shoes lor........

I'm crying as I'm typing this......sigh. My precious precious shoes. It's like maybe 50 pairs?! Really not funny amount.

Wish my mom would fucking admit she's in the wrong and quit arguing with me. Am not gonna talk to her for a loooong time. Hate her!
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