Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random thoughts

I had boys doing a thousand and one sweet things for me but never once have I fallen in love with any of such boys. Boys whom I know will treat me like a princess and can have a "safe" relationship with. It's like you jst know they'll surely treat you right but nope you always choose the one who isn't so safe cus maybe I guess it isn't so boring?

I find myself falling in love with boys who do not try hard to impress and just be themselves. Because of this, I always fall for the bad ones. See the bad ones are the ones who don't bother doing anything, no surprises, no nothing, but still, I fall for them. It feels like all's perfect for awhile and then shit happens......the boys whom I always fall for end up disappointing me. Well except one.....and I don't know if I can find another him who'll love me the same........

The boy I've fallen in love with now falls under the good boy category though! Some change.....which I hope is good. I hope it'll last. I feel like I've changed so many boyfriends that it makes me look bad. Like I'm not serious. But I am....I always was in every relationship. I try because i always hope to meet the right one. They say, You'll never know until you've tried.

It's 5am and I'm still awake. All that coughing is not allowing me to sleep. :(

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