Friday, September 10, 2010

Stay Home Fri

Bayshore park's cafe has the yummiest chicky chop!


Maybe i shouldn't go party this weekend. Maybe it should be a stay home to chill weekend with Big Bang Theory, fluffy pillows, tucked under the sheets only waking up for meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper then back to bed. I do like the lazy weekends. Though it still makes me add on the pounds. Like alcohol. Pfft.

Oh there's gonna be Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift on Channel 5 tomorrow evening.....i wouldn't mind being home watching it for the uhm...4th time? I love cars. I love being in fast cars. Love roaring engines. Love the thrill. Very much like a boy in this area cus most girls end up screaming and asking the driver to slow down when he's around 170 but i dont...faster the better!!

I want a moon cake party, girls! I want to shop for cutesy paper plates, cups, party hats, paper towels.....We can have a hello kitty themed moon cake party! If we can find hello kitty moon cakes that'll be even more awesome. Are there any hello kitty moon cakes around? I will buy it! Or anyone knows how to make it?? I WILL ORDER FROM YA~