Monday, October 11, 2010

If i had all the money in the world...

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Asking for one of these for my birthday from anyone would be too much....but if i win CQTY from your votes it'll be like a gift from my readers (all possible except for the Hermes of course) which will definitely make me such a happy girl. ;) The competition won't end till 19 Nov so yeah LONG WAY MORE TO GO. Still got chance...i hope? Belated birthday prezzie for me lah.....wouldn't mind? Hehe.

Ok so my birthday is in like 4 days time! All i want is to spend the entire day with my close's on a Fri though...i hope their work/school won't take them away from me :(

It's the 11th! My boyfee is coming back from his 3 weeks trip tonight...OH FINALFUCKINGLY!!! WOOHOO!!! Lonely gal no more!!! But...if you read my tweets last night, you'll know why i'm kinda down at the same time. SIGH. Why can't i be happy for a long time?! WHY?! I get to be happy for 2 weeks and Ding! Ding! ROUND #2. FML.