Saturday, October 9, 2010


So....last night on, all my comments were moderated as some no-life-nothing-better-to-do person reported all of it. Be it good or bad.

I randomly said something like " jealous ah?" And some people made a big fuss outta it. Like "why would anyone be jealous?" And stuff like that.

Well I really didn't mean it lor. Some more got question mark....why some people so serious one?

Yknw I cnt find a reason to why would anyone report all my comments? Maybe the person doesn't like me? Ok then why doesn't he/she like me when he/she doesn't know me? Ok what if the person is someone I know personally who doesn't like me, then that's jst weird for the person to report all the comments what? What do you gain?

So I assume the person is someone I don't knw....and well I jokingly said that "you jealous ah?" Thing because I don't knw the reason so anyhow la.

Well I don't think people should be jealous (if there are people who are) because....

1)I look average, no one should be jealous. If you think I look pretty, well it's the make up.

2)I'm not rich. I work my ass out for my $. Why would anyone want that life.

3)My life is full of drama. Bad things always happen to me. No one would wish they had my life.


Basically I'm just clarifying people wouldn't think I'm the kind who's like "oh I'm pretty and wonderful, please don't be jealous" because no, seriously, I'm nothing like that.
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