Thursday, November 25, 2010

Around De World

Liang Seah Street is not only a place for steamboats and desserts! Take a walk down Liang Seah Street and i'm sure you won't miss this shop i'm about to introduce ya'll to.

Oh and if you haven't heard of Liang Seah Street, it is opposite Bugis! Y'know the Swensons and Mos Burger? Liang Seah St is just opposite!

So i was invited for dinner at this shop called Around De World.

Around De World is a hip modern cafe that expresses youth and creativeness from its decor to its dishes. Everything and I mean everything is made from scratch (of course not the pasta) and being fine tuned to suit the taste of the locals with a twist.

Led by Chef D who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, we believe in creativity and breaking out of the old tradition.
After tons of experimenting and travelling to different countries to learn their culture and flavours, we were able to marry ingredients around the world and infuse it into our dishes.

First up! We had the Fried Wings served with BBQ sauce.

Cheesy Bolognaise Fries $3.90
I really love this! Being a real big fan of cheese, this has to be one of the best cheese fries i ever had. :)

ADW Special Milk Shake!

Fruit Soda

We had one of the chef's most creative dishes - Chilli O' Crab $14.90
Spiciness Level = 3 Which was a big mistake because it was way too spicy for me to finish the whole thing BUT BUT SO SO SO YUMMY. Especially if you love chilli crab! I really wished i ordered a Level 2 one.

My boyfriend has the Cheesy Baked Rice with Seafood.

Serving's HUGE. We couldn't finish our food!

It was a waste cus we didn't have much space for the yummy desserts...

Banana Bar $5.90 - A banana cake with Chocolate on top.

Tetramisu $6.90 - Tiramisu but much more special! It's yummy and you can only find this at ADW. You gotta go try it to find out!

Around De World Specials...

If you like Pasta, you really have to try the pasta at Around De World! I'm so going back to try the Cabonara cus i heard lotsa good reviews on it!

Address: 12 Liang Seah Street Singapore
Tel: +65 6336 5519
Type of Place: Restaurant
Type of Cuisine: Western, Fusion, European
Opening Hours
Mon–Thu: 12pm – 11pm
Fri–Sat: 12pm – 1am
(Closed on Sun)