Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CamQueen of the Year

Here's the 2nd good news!

Last week, when i saw the girl with the highest number of votes (80k votes leh!) and my votes (only like 1k...i was position number 14?), i was like hope for winning this is pretty much GONE.

I was half-asleep yesterday. I got up, picked up my phone. New email. Open. Read the good news. Re-read it. AND JUMPED UP AND DOWN like i just had 10 cans of Redbull. I WAS REALLY SO HAPPY! Haven't felt this happy for sooo long.

Yknow I was facing a lot of stress....i asked myself, i asked God, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND $1K+ IN A WEEK? I've rental to pay, bills to pay, gifts to buy.....Well i am earning from the online shop but still, i really have so much to pay for and well last month's earnings werent a lot...think i kinda overspent and all? I swear i didn't know what i could i prayed. I prayed & prayed. Now i have double of what i asked for! No fact 5 times! Who else to thank but God right? Praise God!!!!!! Ever since i went back to church, i watched my life go uphill!

Ok getting a bit too religious here....BUT SORRY LAH I CANNOT HELP IT!

Anyway, i promised something for my readers if i win right? I was thinking of giving away my Top 5 make up essentials! Of course i can't possibly give everyone? So i was thinking of a Q&A? Or should i do like a top spender on my online store kinda thing? I really don't know....ideas for a contest ppl? :)

I thank all who voted! And most importantly the judges who chose me! Hehehe. THANKS A MILLION! LOVE YA'LL!

Haiz....see what i'm forced to read?


I confirm cannot do it.


*Bf passes me book* "Nah, this is the first book" *smiles*
*he smiles*
*i get the hint*
*takes book*
*starts smiling and acting cute in front of my laptop*

Totally living up to my title. Hehe ;)

p.s new advertiser at the side! visit Covermyflaws for make-up!

p.s i think i fixed the prob for my online store already! CLICK HERE TO VISIT! :)