Friday, November 12, 2010

City College Carnival

Hello people!

Ohsofickle will move back to a shopping cart site! Yes, just like our previous but with a better system! Plus, pictures are bigger on the new site! Very easy to shop! Currently, i'm trying to get them to redirect but they havent responded so meanwhile, this is the temporary link...

Go shop! Buy yourself something! Then lemme know what you think of it? :)
p.s a bit slow now because too many ppl visiting the webstore at the same time! :( anyway to avoid this from happening every time a launch is done, i will launch products every 1-3 days instead of once a week!

So...i've been busy doing up the new webstore! Very simple....still don't know what colors to use...or should i stick to black and white?? Hmm..

Ok my blog has been REEEEALLY dead. I KNOW, I KNOWWWWW. I've been staying home most of the time. I really miss my boyfriend....SIGH. He has been gone for 10 days and i already feel like dying. THIS IS BAD.. >:( i think i spent too much time with him when he's wait, i spent every single minute with him - quite insane. No wonder i feel sooo crappy now.

Yknow all week, I kept looking forward to Sundays. To go to church. It's so unlike me...but it's a great thing! I'm so proud of myself *pats own back* Hehe.

Set-up of Flea market on 9th of Dec 3.00pm-9.00pm
Opening and closing of Flea market on 10th Dec
(*All stalls are to be set up with person-in-charge
by 2pm)
Opening and closing of Flea market on 11th Dec
(*All stalls are to be set up with person-in-charge
by 11.30am)

In an event if the stall is not run on 10th-11th of Dec. A security deposit of $20 will not be refunded.

4.The rental fee of each store is $30. A deposit of $50 will be collected from every stall owner of
which $20 will be refunded to all stall owners right after the carnival if the conditions above are
adhere to.

If you fancy yourself a young and rising star in the fashion, arts or designer circuit, this is THE place to showcase your art pieces. Around The World is City College's very own Carnival featuring the specialties of different countries, a place where young designers can put up their own creations for display or sell their artwork. Come and book your very own store here at the City College Around the World Carnival on the 10-11 of Dec.

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