Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deepen Your Voice

Next week i'll be doing an interview and you have no idea how much I HATE BEING FILMED.

1. I always look sooooo much chubbier.
2. I sound fucking annoying.

Reason why i love taking pictures of myself so much is because i know i look much better in pictures than in real life and videos and i wish ppl rmb me as the person in my pictures rather than in real life. I never cheat lor, i don't photoshop my face in pictures! I just look better in picx for some weird reason. I guess pictures capture just one angle of me whereas in videos/real life you see my many ugly angles? I really wish i can paste a big picture over my face when i go out. It's still my face what! Just that i'll only have one expression. Haha omg imagine if someone is telling me about someone's death and all they see is this...

Haha deserve to kena beat.

Ok reason for this post is because i googled "How to make your voice deeper?".

Yes i do want deeper voice. I tend to speak in this annoying, bimbotic voice (which makes me want to slap myself) when i try to project my voice in front of a camera. My voice isnt half as annoying when i speak everyday cus there's no need for me to speak loudly. When i speak normally it's totally fine but when being filmed, usually the camera man would be "Can you speak louder?". My loud voice = ANNOYING MAX. I'm too embarrassed to show you guys an example but if you've heard it before, you'll know what i'm talking about. It sounds ok in the videos i posted on my blog eg. Hairbun Tutorial BUT in all my interview/hosting videos, IT IS SO ANNOYING LA! Always get comments like "her voice damn squeaky" "bimbo" yadayada.

Here's an exercise i found!

Really going to work hard to deepen my voice!

I really hope this would work so i wouldn't be embarrassed about posting a video of my next interview here.