Friday, November 5, 2010

November Collection 1

Ink and Light has been shooting my blogshop images for 2010, and they decided to celebrate Christmas early by showing their appreciation to the blogshop community!

In addition to discounts for studio rental packages, they are also giving a $10 discount to their usual rate of $50 per hour for blogshop photography! Great for girls like myself who prefer their images taken by a professional commercial photographer!

Do refer to for more details! Oh do stay tuned to their website for an upcoming service EXCLUSIVELY for blogshops!

For enquiries, do email Ink and Light at or call them at 98628614!


Photobucket wants me to pay them like close to SGP$200/mth to maintain my account.... so i created a new one to upload the images below but then bandwidth exceeded :( Walau insane lah...$200/mth leh?! I've decided to change to a pro account on ImageShack...pray the same thing wont happen!