Monday, December 6, 2010


Shooo chubby right! :( Zoukout is this Sat!!!! still lazy to lose weight. PFFT. >:(

Later i'm still gonna go for buffet. Hahahaha.

Hate my love for food!!!!!!
(it does make sense right? haha)

Finally done with work....ALMOST.

Well here are 5 Exclusively Manufactured by OSF products! :)


Will update JiPaBan tonight with Shoes and Earrings! :)

Well i tweeted about feeling very exposed on Sat night and well this was why...

I wore this to Zouk. Super love the top! :)

....from Cherry Factory

Some other Cherry Factory products...

Go join their mailing list cus every month, a $50 Cherry Factory gift voucher will be given away randomly to those on their mailing list!

Also, go check out their facebook page!


p.s I blog is ads and more ads :( sorry!!! This weekend is zouk out! Confirm gonna spam picx ok!!! :)