Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tongue Tattoo

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Look what i found at 7-11!

Hello Kitty Tongue Tattoos!

Cute right! :)

Aiyah but it doesn't stay. Sadly. :( Quite a waste of $ lor but it does make you cute and happy for like 1 minute. Hehe.


Because the festive season is approaching, ya'll would need a lot of new clothes!


Gipsy Scarlet

Gipsy Scarlet is all about Chic and feminine styles! GS started out in livejournal last Nov and has now moved to a .com this June. GS is frequently featured in CHIC magazine.

Really like this dress they sent me! A dress manufactured by GS! :)

Manufactured designs can be found under 'The Label'. The pieces are inspired by what the Celebrities are wearing eg. Paris Hilton, Taylor Swift, BCBG, Mirander Kerr, BEBE etc

Customers can be assured that our apparels are good in workmanship and quality. GS does International Shipping! $16.50 flat (worldwide), $8.50 flat (malaysia)!

Join Facebook Fan Page for more updates! Or, you can join their mailing list which can be found at the top right hand corner of their webstore.

And you OSF readers, get 5% off when you enter the code GSOSF5 upon checkout

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