Thursday, December 30, 2010

December Giveaway

Ok so every end of the month (sometimes 2 months once), i'm going to do a random giveaway to my customers! Since most of my customers are my readers, this is to thank ya'll for all the support! :)

For the month of Dec, i'm giving away...

Simply leave a comment with the following details:

Order Number (

To qualify for this giveaway, your order must be made in the month of Dec! :)

And also, the highest spender of the month will automatically receive a surprise gift and for Dec, the lucky winner is WeiYi!


Love it! Though it kinda looks like i colored my nails with black marker? Would look soooo lovely in turquoise and hot pink! From Guardian for only $9.90!

And some pictures of my crazy cutie pie...Bunny!

p.s have chosen the winner! will announce on Monday/Tuesday (3/4 Jan) night :)